Zillow Skit – Saturday Night Live

SNL Zillow Skit


See below for Saturday Night Live's Zillow Skit, a funny attempt by SNL for Zillow.


Some are saying the commercial is “sexually suggestive” while others are humorously enjoying the SNL Zillow spoof.

The commercial wasn't too funny but it's highly relatable if you're a millennial or a real estate professional, or if you're familiar with Zillow.


Zillow has been under a lot of scrutiny lately because of their decision to become “real estate agents” after many times promising they wouldn't.


So for them to bring a little playfulness to their ad puts them in a more positive spotlight as of late, especially with consumers.


Real estate agents? Not so much. Maybe agents will forgive Zillow? Maybe they will not? Time will tell.


As a real estate agent myself, I completely understand the frustrations that real estate agents have with Zillow.

However, I am also a marketer. Zillow is a marketing company that has grown it's empire primarily through marketing.


Marketing in the real estate industry is something that doesn't get enough attention. Companies like Zillow excel in marketing and charge agents and other real estate professionals premiums for the real estate leads and real estate prospects.


While there's nothing wrong with that, it would serve agents well to learn marketing or partner up with other providers outside of Zillow that can provide real estate leads and charge you less of a premium.


More money in your pocket as an agent. Of course, it takes time to set up but once you learn or plug into one of these systems, you have a lot more control over your lead flow and your business.


But enough of that, tell me your thoughts on the SNL Zillow Skit? Was it too much? Or Was it funny? Comment below.


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