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Why are you hearing from me? What gives me the authority to speak with you?

About Jerome Lewis




(March 17th, 1989)A myth about Millennials is that they understand technology and social media. This might be true but it's only true for the “front-end/user” experience of social media and technology. Real skills still require proper training, education, and experience.



Technologist (Information Technology, Web Design, Software)

I went to school for a Degree in Specialized Computer Technology, worked at an IT Data Center for more than 7 years, worked for a small start-up as a consultant, and helped build their technical support department from the ground up.

This experience gave me insight into tools and processes that do and do not work for specific business needs.


Internet Marketing Consultant

Especially with video. I specialize in marketing. Specifically, digital marketing and video marketing are my favorite forms of marketing.



Introvert – ISFJ

If I could be quiet all day, I would. I don't like to talk but that's not the way the world works.

Below is a snapshot of my 16 Personalities/Myers-Briggs profile.

Jerome Lewis - 16 Personalities - Myers-Briggs - ISFJ-A.png


Very Direct (Results Oriented, Not Flowery but will get you results!)

I am a very direct person and result-oriented. Great at cutting through the “fluff.”

If you want to feel good about something, I am not the right person to talk with. If you want results or progress with something, I am the right person.

I'm a big fan of personality assessments and behavioral assessments like the DISC Assessment.




Abelson DISC – Behavioral Profile

Jerome Lewis - Abelson DISC Behavioral Profile

Click here to see my full assessment: Jerome Lewis – TTI Sales – Abelson – DISC Behavioral Assessment.




Father of 4.

Jerome Lewis Family (1)


My services are not free. However, if you would like to contact me check out my calendar below.


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