Video Marketing For Business Owners (Real Estate Agents, Realtors)

In this article, we will quickly address Video Marketing for Realtors (real estate agents) and video marketing for real estate in general. 


This applies to realtors, real estate agents, real estate mortgage officers, and real estate investors alike. 


If you are in the real estate business and want to grow your business, you should definitely be considering how you can integrate video into your real estate marketing strategy. 


Directly below is an updated video I did. In this video, I shared some video marketing tips for real estate professionals.



Here are the tips included in this video:


  • What To Talk About In Social Media and Marketing Videos
  • What Video Camera To Use For Your Social Media Videos
  • How Audio Quality Is More Important Than Video Quality
  • What Video Editing Software To Use? (Kapwing, WeVideo)
  • Filming Marketing Videos Vertically or Horizontally?
  • How To Get Better At Video Marketing


Use Your Smartphone To Start

Video Marketing For Realtors - Use Your SmartPhone - Image

You don’t need complicated and fancy equipment to get started.

The most important thing about producing video content is to get the content out there! 

Done is better than perfect! 



Record As If You’re Talking To Your Best Friend

Video Marketing For Realtors - Talk To One Person

When making videos, don’t think about yourself as if you’re in front of an entire crowd or audience. 


Think about how people watch videos. 


Most times people are watching videos individually and by themselves on a personal device. 



Look In The Camera Lens, Not The Phone Screen

When recording video, be intentional about where you look so you can make eye contact with your audience. 


When recording videos, most of us can struggle with paying attention to our audience. 


We are too worried about how we look in the camera. We’re too focused on ourselves rather than being focused on the message we are delivering to the audience.


Do not look at your phone screen because it will look as if you are not paying attention to your intended audience. 


To improve your video quality, be sure to look into your camera lens!


Here’s a sample video of me looking at the phone screen instead of the camera lens! Don’t make the mistakes I made! 

Just Make The Video

Don’t worry about perfection. Many people dislike their video content when first starting out. But here is the thing, when you are making video marketing content it’s not about you. 


It’s about your audience and the quality of your message. You’ll never be perfect so don’t overthink it. The content is the most important aspect of your video, not how you look, not what people will think about you, etc.


The content. 😉


Just Go Live

Video Marketing For Realtors - Go Live Use - Use Live Video


The fastest and quickest way of producing video content is to go live! 


No editing, no polishing, just go live. When you go live on video it’s a lot more authentic. 


Additionally, social media algorithms promote live video because it’s content that is more real.

Check out this video by my friend Paula going Live on Facebook.

BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front

When producing content, including video content, let people know what they are about to watch. What will you tell them about in your video?


That’s where the acronym BLUF comes in handy. BLUF stands for Bottom Line Up Front. Tell your audience what the point of the video is.


Tell them the bottom line of the video so they can decide if they want to stick around or not. 

Use Just Talking Points — Don’t Use A Script

Video Marketing For Realtors - Use Bullet Points - Don't Use A Script


Do not write out or follow an entire script. 

When reading from a script, you will seem robot and less authentic. 

Use bullet points and talk about those points. 


Other Advanced Tips:

Use Voice Over

If you are uncomfortable being on camera consider doing some voice.

Watch the video below done by Davin Fesmire of Dream Homes by Davin

He teaches our Brand & Empower Yourself With Video Class. If you are a realtor and you are interested in attending, feel free to click the link and just let me know.

Davin is responsible for a lot of my video marketing success.


Horizontal Video, Square Video, or Vertical Video

There’s a pretty decent debate on whether to use horizontal video, square video, or vertical video. 

There are benefits to each,  but to be on the safe side and to reach the masses,  we highly recommend that you do shoot video in the horizontal orientation. 

Shooting in this orientation will also make your videos a lot easier to edit and manage.

Horizontal videos provide a more professional experience compared to vertical videos. 

 Square videos are also an option but don't worry about this too much for now. 

Watch Davin showcase the experiences between vertical and horizontal videos.


Lighting And Shadows: 

Recommended Video Editing Software

“Jerome, this is a great article and all but I really want to edit videos.”


I understand you…and I'm going to give you some suggestions below. But hear me out…


For my real estate peeps that are ready to start editing, keep in mind that we are real estate professionals, NOT video editors! Our priority in this business is to get real estate deals to the closing table! Buy real estate! Sell real estate! Invest in real estate! That's our priority!


I always recommend that editing be one of the last steps on your video journey because the quality of your videos is more about your message. Your message quality is a lot more important than editing.


That being said, I understand there are some that are looking for video editors. I personally like to recommend editing software that will work across the board and on just about any device.


I have found two video editors that have been able to meet these criteria, along with being EASY-TO-USE!



Kapwing Video Editor

The first video editor I recommend is Kapwing. I recommend Kapwing because it's FREE.


I use Kapwing almost daily because it's quick and powerful. Below is a video tutorial of me and my colleague Paula Aponte using the video editing software together on a Zoom call. The video is a little long so try to watch it when you have some dedicated time for learning to use the video editor.



WeVideo Video Editor


The second video editor I recommend for more professional-grade quality is WeVideo.


WeVideo is a cloud-based editor that you can use for more sophisticated video editing. Below is an Instagram video post I did for one of our real estate training classes using WeVideo. WeVideo allowed me to add fancy jumpcuts, B-roll, footage, text, and music.



View this post on Instagram


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Coming soon…

  • Lower-Thirds
  • Best Ways To Distribute Your Messages
  • and more…


PS. Leave a comment below. Tell me what you found most helpful about this article.

And if you are interested in attending a class, feel free to reach out by contacting me on any social media platform.


Jerome Lewis and Davin Fesmire

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9 thoughts on “Video Marketing For Business Owners (Real Estate Agents, Realtors)”

  1. I really loved the tips you have given!

    It is still difficult for me to start with the videos, but you have given me some excellent tips. I have seen that of looking at the screen instead of the camera, to constantly check how we see ourselves. You really can tell the difference when you are looking at the camera or the lens.

    Something that still generates doubts is the idea of not using a script. How can we seem “natural” but with some structured script? Perhaps since I still do not consider myself an expert on my subject, I would like to have a script.

    But you’re right that when someone is reading a script while speaking … it feels awful!

    I also had doubts about whether we should go horizontal or vertical. Very good explanation.

    The truth is that your articles are one better than the other, presenting very useful tools, but I had no idea!

    Thanks for the input

  2. Jason,

    I’ve worked in broadcast radio, and other forms of media for over 20 years.. Trust me when I tell you, bullet points make producing your video much easier and more natural. That doesn’t mean you fly by the seat of your pants. You DEFINITELY want some sort of structure to your content. However, using a verbatim script usually makes people come off much more rigid and forced looking and sounding on camera – because they’re focusing so much on nailing that script, that they don’t come across as “authentic”. Using bullet points helps you get those same points across as a script, but allows for your normal authentic voice cadence and personality to come through a little more, making your video more effective ( typically) Unless you’re VERY polished at using a teleprompter, I’d strongly suggest bullet points… I can do it both ways very well and I still use bullet points MOST of the time, to save lots of time.

  3. This is the best marketing for realtors and other professions too, but for realtors is more applicable. When you’re looking for a home, you always would like to see fresh pictures of a house that you’re considering to purchase. A video makes it so much more enjoyable because you feel like you’re looking at the house in person. Video marketing has a greater audience than other forms of marketing, especially You Tube that has a daily viewing of billions of people.

  4. I have never heard of such a thing but it makes so much sense. I wonder if my mom knows about video marketing for realtors. This post is very well put together and everything is being explained to you in detail. I definitely learned a few things about making quality videos. Can these tools be useful in affiliate marketing? Can I buy this program but use it for my website that has nothing to do with real estate? I love the way you chop-small easy-to-read paragraphs all through your post. Great job!

    • I’m glad you learned a few things about making videos, Jontae. 

      These tools can definitely be useful in affiliate marketing. I use them myself in affiliate marketing and I have attracted some sales by using just video alone. 

      You can buy the program, but we weren’t suggesting any particular program. We do have a link of several tools an programs that would benefit folks, but this post was meant to be purely informational. 

      Thanks for your feedback on the paragraph format. It’s something I just started! Glad you like it! 

  5. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. Trust me! this steps you gave here is everything a realtor needs, especially the fact that many of them record with the mind set of talking to an audience; if one can actually speak in the record like you are talking to a friend, it will go well.



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