Video Marketing For Realtors – 7 Reasons Video Marketing is a Must!

Person Watching Video on Phone - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For RealtorsVideo marketing for realtors can be overwhelming.

Why Use Video Marketing in the first place?

In this article, we’ll go over why realtors must use video marketing to expand their business influence and reach.

Video Duplicates and Scales

You will often hear that video is king. Video marketing is a great way to scale yourself as a person. Smart Phone Recording Video - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - DigitalRealEstateStrategy.com

Video is the best way to scale and you can use video to duplicate yourself across the internet, Facebook, social media, and other digital communication mediums.

As a realtor, business owner, or other real estate professional, we should always be thinking about ways to expand our reach and influence.

This allows us to better serve our clients, prospects and customers.

Video Marketing Builds Trust

Video marketing builds trust. You read that right.

How so? Think about it, communication is partly visual, right? Video has the ability to communicate the visual aspects of communication including, body language, eye contact, tonality, and other visual cues that text and images do not. Trusting Handshake - Jerome Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors

Think about all the times throughout your life that text or email had been misinterpreted. Video communication eliminates this problem completely.

Video Content Is In Demand

More internet users are looking for video content.

A 2018 report, from HubSpot shows that 54% of consumers desire more video content from brands and businesses they support.

Video Is Effective On Social mediaSocial Media - Facebook For Realtors - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

Video is used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Webtalk and other social media platforms because it is effective.

And users are browsing and utilizing social media and come across video that interests them, they take time to watch.

Video commands more attention from a consumer then just text or images. When using video consumers use their site and hearing. This is more engaging than reading, looking at a picture, or just listening to an audio file.

Most times, video requires engagement of two senses rather than one. (Sight and sound)

Video Increases ProfitDigitalRealEstateStrategy.com - Money Growing - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Money

I recently came across an article from Animoto while researching video effectiveness.

I learned that 88% of video marketers clam satisfactory results from the use of video ads being posted to social media.

MORE qualified leads

This report from Optinmonster demonstrates, that when using video, it increases qualified leads by 66%.

The quality of the leads can be likely be attributed to the the education of influence that video has upon consumers.

Who doesn't want more qualified leads? Wouldn't this save you time and frustration?


ConclusionUse Vide - Yes - Facebook For Realtors - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

So, the question remains, or does it? You should absolutely be using video as a realtor.

Are you using video yet? Comment below. Feel free to share tips the others can benefit from as well.

In future posts, I'll be sharing reviews on some of my favorite video apps including both:

These are apps that give a major BOOST to your video content game but are also EASY-to-use!

If you're eager to research them yourself, you can check them both out yourself, but clicking on the links above or the pictures below!

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Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Kapwing Logo


Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!

Please comment below. Are you using video marketing in your business? If not, what is holding you back?

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