The Weeknd Meme – Super Bowl LV

“The Weeknd’s close camera work delivered the meme of Super Bowl LV.” – Twitter.


Hip-Hop Star The Weeknd “Won The Internet” by delivering the meme of Superbowl LV via his Pepsi Halftime Show performance.

Here’s the original Tweet from @NFL on Twitter:


But the best part was a 3-second clip of The Weeknd looking as if he’s lost and confused. The Internet quickly grabbed hold of the 3-second clip and turned it into the meme of the night.


Check out the 3-second Weeknd Halftime video clip below.



The meme went viral on Twitter with captions such as:

  • Me trying to find the bathroom at the club after 6 or 7
  • What my coworkers see on zoom meetings when I think my camera is off
  • 4 year old me in the grocery store looking for my mom.
  • me immediately after someone gives me specific directions
  • my camera roll when I take my iPad back from a toddler
  • Looking for my phone a few times a day


Those are just a few of the most popular “meme’d” tweets.


Thanks to The Weeknd for giving fans and the internet a new meme.


If you want to make your own Weeknd Superbowl Halftime Meme, check out the 5 minute YouTube video below.

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