Super Bowl Props Bets [2021]

Super Bowl Props Bets: What are they? Why do people consider them so fun? 🧨


Is it a smart way to invest your money?


Read along to find out.


Most casino companies 🎲🎲 publish props packages. Super Bowl Props Bets are specialized bets its sportsbook officially offers for the big game Superbowl.


Props bets are weird, unusual, and unusually detailed.


In other words, you can bet on anything. (By the way, “props” is short for proposition.)


The full phrase is Super Bowl Propositions Bets.


Props bets because famous in Las Vegas. Props bets are enticing to people because they can produce big money. 💰


To date, the most lucrative props bet (that I know of courtesy of my real estate colleague) was that William “Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears would score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX. A 340-pound tackle? Really?


Guess what? He did.


And because of that, a $100 bet paid out $100,000. 💧


What are Super Bowl props bet? (Super Bowl Props Bet Examples)

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Here are some more examples of props bets from Station Casinos courtesy of my colleague and friend, Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, of Las Vegas Neighborhood Expert:

  • First scoring play of the game
  • Last scoring play of the game
  • Who will make the first touchdown for each team
  • The player who scores the first touchdown of the game
  • The first turnover of the game will be an interception or a fumble?
  • Tom Brady’s first pass attempt will be complete/incomplete
  • The jersey number of the player to score the first touchdown



Enjoy the big game! It could be the first of a few SuperBowls we will enjoy during a pandemic. I love the Super Bowl because of all the commercials that are available online after the fact. 


I’m a millennial, so I enjoy recreating and making meme content with the different commercials and happenings. 


What Superbowl commercials will you be looking forward to? Comment below. 


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I’d be more than happy to help you invest your money in a more stable asset such as real estate. 


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