Social Media Tools For Real Estate [2020 Guide]

Social Media Tools For Real Estate? This Is The Ever-Expanding Social Media Guide of Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business With Social Media.


About 2 hours after our Content Creators class by Beth Ellyn Rosenthal of the popular neighborhood blog Off The Vegas Strip, we host our Social Media Mastermind class every Thursday at 2pm EST, in the eXp World.


Within this article you'll find is a Social Media Mastermind Toolkit I put together with my friend and real estate partner Chris Armstrong of Florida Lifestyle Team brokered by eXp Realty.


We came up with this list of ever-expanding digital and social media tools for real estate.


The social media tools referenced in this article are to help you strengthen your social media game and help guide you toward more real estate business.


With the understanding that real estate and marketing can become quite an expense, many of these tools are free and inexpensive.


These are tools we personally use and attest to in our social media and digital marketing strategies.


If you utilize these tools correctly, you'll be sure to increase your social media influence and marketing skills.


Be sure to bookmark this toolkit so you have it for future reference.



Kapwing is a meme maker and POWERFUL video editor.Social Media Tools For Real Estate - Kapwing

Kapwing is probably our favorite app on this entire list because of its capabilities.


Kapwing will save you lots of time when it comes to video editing and image manipulations.


Kapwing is simple, fast, easy, and FREE! $FREE.99!


Most of our eXp colleagues that have seen us demonstrate the power of the Kapwing during our real estate training class and social media mastermind have an understanding of why we love the Kapwing app so much.


It will save you so much time and stress.


Although likely that you won't need to upgrade to their Pro Account, it is an option.


P.S. I wrote a full review article on Kapwing and they were kind enough to give me an upgrade to the Pro Account for FREE.


Contact me to learn about how you can do the same.


Check out the Instagram post below. There are 10 slides in total. I made them all using only Kapwing.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jerome Lewis (@jeromelewisjr) on

>>Click this link to check out Kapwing<<< 


YouTube is my favorite social media platform because it's focused on video content.


Video content converts higher because it's visual and helps build trust.


Just about all real estate professionals should be using video in their business.


Only 5-7% of real estate agents use video, so if you're already doing video, you're way ahead of the game. Keep doing it.


If you're not using video learn it. We offer some classes to real estate professionals on our training platform in eXp World.


If you're interested in attending sometime, reach out to me. I can get you a free guest pass to our training.


Chris's YouTube channel has lots of helpful how-to videos that will help grow your social media accounts.


Here's one of my favorite playlists from Chris's channel.


Below you can subscribe to our YouTube channels to get video content for growing your social media and digital presence.



Below are links to both our channels.


YouTube has its own academy that will teach you how to start and grow your channel.


>>>Click here for YouTube Creator Academy<<<


Canva is a cloud-based image editing app that helps you you take your social media pictures and videos to the next level.


In addition to creating social media posts, it's great for creating real estate logos, infographics, flyers, and many other kinds of marketing materials for your business.


Deep editor, and feature-filled program. It has a high learning curve but worth the time investment.


✅ The video below is a quick demonstration using Canva to create a logo online. ⬇⬇⬇


>>>Click Here For Canva – Free<<<

Investor Carrot

Investor Carrot is a website for real estate professionals. Using Carrot will increase your digital presence dramatically since these sites are packed with SEO power.


SEO can be complicated but the team at Carrot has mastered it. SEO will help you stand out in a crowded digital world. I love Carrot for generating real estate leads online.


Carrot has a ton of FREE tools and content such as:

  • Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents
  • Free Real Estate Business Plan Template
  • Inbound Real Estate Marketing Action Plan
  • Strategies For Real Estate Investors

>>Click Here For Carrot<<<



Webtalk is a new social media platform in beta form that is showing fast growth. You get more control over your incoming and out-going posts.


It's a built-in CRM for your personal network and your professional network.


Webtalk users can make passive/residual income and revenue share by engaging and promoting the platform.


>>>Click here to join Webtalk<<<

Multiple Facebook Tools – Delete Facebook Friends in Bulk

This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to perform Facebook actions in bulk! I love using this tool to delete inactive Facebook friends, so I can add more engaging friends.


Facebook algorithms are big on social engagement so I used this tool at least weekly to delete non-engaging Facebook friends.


Jerome Lewis Multiple Tools For Facebook - Delete Facebook Friends In Bulk

Here are some features:

  1. Interaction Scanner: scan interaction of friends
  2. Messages Downloader: count messages between you and your friends, and also download messages
  3. Friends Remover: find and remove friends with ease
  4. Friend Requests Manager: manage your incoming and outgoing friend requests.

Multiple Tools For Facebook is free to start


The tool has more than 200K users, and the developer Loc Mai only charges $10 for the more powerful features.


This tool is so powerful and well worth the $10 investment.

>>>Click here for Multiple Tools for Facebook<<<


I don't have too much personal experience with Cupace for my social media. Chris is the better expert for using Cupace in your social media strategy.


Chris uses this app to cut out parts of pictures and paste on others. Cupace has a good text tool built-in. It's used mostly on his phone.


Cupace is simple to learn and great for single picture posts.

>>>Click here for Cupace for Android<<<



Chris's go-to app for simple to medium video editing.

You can add overlays, text, music, and sound effects.


Each tool is already built into Power Director.


Power Director is free, but they will impost a watermark on your content.


To remove the watermark, pay $3.99 unlock full features.


Green screen tools to boot.


Video over the video, several layers, deep editor tools. Pan, loop, high learning curve.

>>>PowerDirector for Android<<< | >>>PowerDirector for iPhone<<<


Chris introduced me to Remove.BG. Remove.BG is a very simple tool that works in your web browser.


It will remove the background from just about any picture you put into it.


Check out my Facebook post below I did using Remove.BG.


P.S. Can you guess which video game background I used for this image?


Leave a comment in the comment section.


Hint: It's a fighting game.

>>>Click here to use Remove.BG<<<

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are community-centric groups around a particular subject or topic.


Real estate agents, real estate investors, and business owners should think about starting groups on Facebook where you can provide some kind of value to users of the group.


Add value to others in groups, collaborate, share resources, and mastermind.


Check out our new Facebook group below. Feel free to join if you're interested in learning more on social media, digital marketing, and real estate investing. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Facebook Business Page

Facebook is not one of our favorite sites, but it's where I got my start.

Having a Facebook business page is almost a necessity for any business. Setting up an account is free.

Below are our Facebook pages. Feel free to give us a “Like”!

>Click here to set up your Facebook page<<<

Facebook PixelSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - Facebook Pixel Logo

The thing I love about social media is the way it can track user interested and behavior. 


Although Facebook algorithms are tricky as a regular user, it’s power lies in when you begin to use its ad platform and backend features like it’s Facebook Pixel.


Below is the definition of the Facebook Pixel from Facebook. 

The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

You can use the pixel to:

  1. Make sure your ads are shown to the right people. Find new customers, or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.
  2. Drive more sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take an action you care about, like making a purchase.
  3. Measure the results of your ads. Better understand the impact of your ads by measuring what happens when people see them.

>>Click here to Create and Install a Facebook Pixel<<<

WorkplaceSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - Workplace By Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is another social media platform that should be utilized.


This is basically a social media network amongst your specific company and brokerage. We tend to forget about this one.


Workplace was created by Facebook and this platform is also free to eXp agents. We have several groups that are beneficial to our real estate business with Workplace.

Here are a few Workplace groups that I recommend:

  1. Subscribe To Our Tribe
  2. Video For Real Estate
  3. KVCore Discussion
  4. eXp Realty Announcements


You must be signed in to your eXp Workplace account to access the links above.

>>>Jerome's Workplace Profile<<<


InstagramSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - Instagram Logo Picture

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform that was originally for photographers but grew into a much larger platform.


Instagram isn’t a huge necessity for your real estate business but if you take a lot of pictures and videos, definitely consider implementing Instagram into your social media strategy. 


Instagram is owned by Facebook so the two are compatible in many ways. You can make a post on Instagram and it will post to Facebook with almost no hiccups. 


Pro Tip: If you’re a real estate professional, or business owner, your Instagram profile should not be ‘private.’ It should be easily accessible and open to the public. 


>>>Click Here For Instagram<<<


LinkTreeJerome Lewis - LinkTree Profile

LinkTree is a tool that is popular on Instagram. LinkTree allows you to place all your links in one place.


You have several clients you work with?


Real estate buyer clients? Real estate investor clients?


Real estate seller clients? Commercial real estate clients?


Need to showcase all your social media accounts?


Use LinkTree to display all your links in one convenient location for your real estate business.


This way you don't have to worry about sending individual links for each customer or objective.


LinkTree will also allow you to track views and clicks of your profile.


LinkTree can save you time and should be thought of as a “link management” system.


>>>Click here for my LinkTree<<<



In the below video, How To Use Hashtags On Social Media, I talk about my personal success with hashtags.

I was able to grow an Instagram account from 0 followers to 30,000 followers using #hashtags only.

This was before paid ads on Instagram, and I never paid for followers.

I'm not as active on that specific account anymore, but the relevance of hashtags on Instagram are still important.

Below are a few Instagram hashtags that may be relevant to your real estate business.  Click on them to explore and follow.

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. Realtors of Instagram
  3. eXp Realty
  4. Real Estate Investing



LinkedIn is the go-to for professional networking. Linked is a social media platform that shouldn't be ignored. Connect with me or give the below post some love.


I posted my profile as well as an article written by my friend Scott Slackter of Sapien Real Estate Solutions on owner financing real estate investment deals.


Pro tip: Keep your LinkedIn as professional as possible because LinkedIn is specifically for career and business professionals.

>>>Click here to connect with me on LinkedIn<<<


WeVideoSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - WeVideo

I've done a review post on WeVideo. WeVideo is a paid video editor. My favorite thing about WeVideo is that it's fairly inexpensive for what it's capable of doing.


You're able to make professional-grade videos using the software.


And get this, you can do this from just about any computer because all your projects work is saved and stores on the WeVideo cloud servers.


WeVideo gives you free stock video, stock images, B-Roll video, royalty-free music, and much more.


You can even screen-record and screencast built into it.  All in one central place, so you don't have to go searching everywhere for these resources.


As real estate professionals and business owners, it's important that we save time so we can focus on more productive things. WeVideo is a must for more professional-grade videos at a cheap price.

>>>Click here for WeVideo<<<


Videvo – Royalty-Free Video, Music, and Sound Effects

This software gives you free stock and royalty-free video, stock images, and royalty-free sounds. You only need to credit the author of the media and you can use it as you wish.

Social Media Tools For Real Estate - Videvo.net

If you prefer not the credit the author, you can upgrade your account and use the videos as you wish and also get access to the premium stock media.

>>>Click here for Videvo<<<

FreeSound.org – Free Sound Effects

Social Media Tools For Real Estate - FreeSound.org

Need a sound effect for your videos? Maybe some background sounds? Waves, thunder, birds chirping,  etc. Free, just set up an account to download any number of sounds.


Files can be loaded directly into your PowerDirector projects. Millions to search through. Link –  https://freesound.org/help/about/

“Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds.” – https://freesound.org/

>>Click here for FreeSound.org<<<


KVCoreSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - KVCore

This is specific to my eXp colleagues. We get the KVCore CRM included as one of our many resources.


If you're not using a CRM or don't want to pay for your own CRM, activate your KVCore account ASAP.


Normally the KVCore CRM costs about $299 per month, but it's included in our $85 monthly fee.


That means there is no extra cost for us to use the CRM.


At the very least you should activate your account and consider running automated ads.


Here are just some key features of KVCore.

  1. Social Media Integrations
  2. Automated Marketing and Followup
  3. Marketing Autopilot
  4. Free Real Estate Blogging Website
  5. Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages
  6. Analytics Tracking

KVCore is a good tool. If you were to just activate it and use it correctly, it's guaranteed to generate leads for you.


Check out some of Sylvia Dana's KVCore for DumDums videos on how to use KVCore to generate and close real estate deals.



This app gives you the ability to give movement to some or all of your pictures. For example, you can take a picture of the sunset and freeze the foreground and make the sky move. Simple.


Link –  https://www.pixaloopapp.com/


AZ Screen Record

This free app comes in handy in many ways. This is a utility app that will record your phone screen. I use this for How-to videos, and when I need to save video from other sites. Time-lapse, and cutting tool. Simple but comes in handy. Free!


Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free&hl=en_US

Quik – GoPro Video Editor

With the Quik app, you can create awesome videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. Customize your story with text, music, and easily share it with friends. Editing has never been this fast—or this fun.

Link –  https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/quik-gopro-video-editor/id694164275



Marco PoloSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - Marco Polo App

Marco Polo combines the best of texting, social media and video chats – all in one private, easy to use app.

>>>Click here for Marco Polo<<<


Boomerang from Instagram makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, then share them with your friends.

>>>Click here to learn about Boomerang<<<


With BeLive you can broadcast together with your friends and teammates, and create a high-quality live broadcast directly through YouTube and Facebook Live™ on your wall or page.

>>>Click here for Be.Live<<<



On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok.

Social Media Tools For Real Estate - TikTok


Check out this YouTube trailer by TikTok:



>>>Click here for TikTok<<<


ZoomSocial Media Tools For Real Estate - Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a video meeting and conferencing app with nice features to keep you in touch with teams, co-workers, friends, and family.  Zoom meetings can be streams to Facebook and YouTube.

>>>Click here for Zoom<<<




Calendly is a calendar app that integrates with your smartphone calendars. 


You should use Calendly to schedule phone consults and appointments with and for your real estate clients. 


Calendly can automatically schedule clients into your calendar, send them reminders of your appointment and meetings, all while taking into account what you already have scheduled on your calendar. 


As real estate professionals, it can be a common thing to schedule conflicts or not remember what you have scheduled on your calendar. 


Use Calendly to better organize your appointments and meetings. 


The link below shows how Calendly will appear to your real estate clients/prospects.


Below is a module of Calendly Calendar so you can see how it works.

>>>Click Here For Calendly<<<

eXp Marketing Center

Social Media Tools For Real Estate - eXp Marketing Center Screenshot

The eXp Marketing Center is our full-fledged marketing center where we have access to a ton of marketing material. 


The library includes many templates and electronic files for FREE! 


Here are a few things included:

  1. Logos, Signs & Business Cards
  2. Buyer & Listing Presentations
  3. Newsletter Stories & Blog Content
  4. Personalized Videos

>>Click Here For eXp Marketing Center<<<


Vimeo is a video hosting platform. In general, Vimeo is great for high-quality video hosting.


Here's a video my friend Nate Woosley captured of me in eXpWorld. He uploaded it to Vimeo.

Coming Soon:

  1. LinkTree
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Facebook Live

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