Social Media Marketing: The Relevance And Importance of Modern Marketing

Social Media Marketing: The Relevance And Importance of Modern Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Should you hire a social media manager? We’ll also address some of the most popular social media apps and social media websites. And then finally, we’ll address how you can learn social media FAST for your business and provide you with a resource to do just that — learn social media fast! 


By the conclusion of this article, you should have a basic understanding of the benefits of social media, social media marketing, and whether or not you will need or want to hire social media marketing services for your business and digital marketing efforts. 


What is Social Media?

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia What Is Social Media?

First let's define social media: Social media is websites, applications, web applications, video, and even marketing services that can be and are often shared amongst peers. 


A good way to break it up is to think about traditional media. It’s media, news, data, information. Social media is the same thing, except that it is more influenced by peers, personal networks, and professional networks and spreads faster because of technology. 


The peers and professional networks at the social aspect. combine the two and you have social media. 


Some Benefits of Social Media

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Benefits of Social Media

It Increases Your Brand Awareness

Here are some key benefits of utilizing social media. Social media will increase your brand awareness. a large majority of the world is available and active on social media, this gives businesses plenty of opportunity to showcase, market, and share their products, their brand, and their services. 


Your Brand and Company Becomes More Relatable

Social Media makes your brand social and more relatable. This means users' prospects and customers can't connect with you on a more intimate level. They can interact with and engage your company. which makes you seem more human and more trusting. social media helps humanize your brand. 


Social media is inexpensive, and often it can be free.

Social media can be a cost-effective way to get your message out and it doesn't have to be as expensive as other marketing Avenues. one huge benefit of social media is the fact that it doesn't cost a lot. you can advertise your message for pennies on the dollar compared to more traditional methods, and you can reach a lot more people for a lot less money.


You can get very specific about who your ideal client avatar is

Which social media you can target specific demographics, specific interests, and specific behaviors. effectively building your own loyal fan base and audience. You don't have to take a shotgun approach to market your business, your product, or your service. you can hold in on people that are likely to have an interest in what it is you are offering. This saves you time, frustration, and money. This also makes social media great for generating leads specific to your business. 


Social media helps boost your sales conversions

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Boost Sales

Regardless of your product or service, social media can help you increase your conversions because they can serve as a sales funnel and they help build your product or service awareness long after the prospect or customer has left your store, website, email marketing campaign, etc. 


Social media helps you gather important information about customers and prospects

Social media can be used as a tool to survey customers and Prospects. you can use social media to gather information about your customers and prospects. you can gauge how interested they are in a specific product by paying attention to the metrics offered by the back end of social media. You can tell how disinterested they are by the same metrics. Social media gives near-live feedback about customers' experiences and satisfaction.


Social media lets you connect with customers outside of business hours.

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Connect With Others

Just because your business hours are specific time doesn't mean that your marketing has two shut down at that specific time. A cool benefit of social media is the fact that it can run as long as you tell it to, while also engaging and responding with customers. 


Social media let you retarget customers and prospects

Social media will allow you to retarget your potential prospects as well as your customers. An interesting statistic about online shopping is the fact that there is a shopping cart abandonment rate of more than 65%. There are numerous reasons why users abandon shopping carts.


However, if a person places an item in their shopping cart, they have a potential interest in your product or service. Which social media you can retarget that customer or prospect utilizing effective social media marketing. This will increase your conversion rate as well as your sales. 


These are just a few benefits that social media provides to business owners, marketers, real estate agents, Real Estate Investors, etc. 

We could go forever but that is not the point of this article. we just want to give you a high-level overview. 


Types of Social media 

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Social Media Types

Although there are literally hundreds maybe thousands of social media websites — According to Biteable, there are 7 types of social media platforms.


Social networking sites, social review sites, Image sharing sites, video hosting sites, Community blogs, Discussion sites, Sharing economy networks are the 7 types of social media platforms. 


Below we’ll share a bit about a few types below and an example of each so you can have a visual example and a reference. 


Social networking

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Social Networking

This is the most popular site type. This is what we know social media as. The most popular social media site is Facebook. but social media networks don't stop there. Other social networking media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are pretty popular as well. Most recently, there is a social media website known as Clubhouse that many people are excited and enthused about. It is a new type of social network based on voice communication.


Another website that has been pretty popular as well is Webtalk because the site allows you to earn revenue by inviting your friends to your network to do what they normally do on social media. 

Social Image Sharing Sites

Social image sharing sites emphasize sharing images as social media content. Image-driven, picture-driven media. Two of the most popular websites within this category are Instagram and Pinterest. These sites are highly focused on images and visual graphics — leaving little room for text-based content. 

Discussion sites

Discussion sites would include forums like Reddit and quora. These are two social media platforms that are made specifically to discuss specific subjects and topics. Do you visit these sites and ask very specific questions or you volunteer very specific statements to be discussed effectively attracting people that are looking to discuss the same topic. However, these sites aren't as intimate as prior sites such as Facebook. you tend to meet and interact with more strangers on these types of websites since these people aren't typically within your immediate social network. 

Video Social Media Sites

Video social media sites include Tik Tok, Vimeo, and my personal favorite — which is also considered search engine YouTube. These sites are highly focused on video content. These sites include entertaining as well as educating prospects. In many cases, video social sites are effective because they help with communicating and displaying media that images and textbase sites could not communicate. Video compliments the other social mediums greatly because it magnifies messaging when done correctly. 


Social Media Reports and Analytics

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Analytics Reports

What's interesting about social media is the fact that you get automatic analytics and automatic reporting. This saves you time and resources because you don't have to spend a lot of time documenting these metrics. Since these metrics are documented automatically you don't have to spend time documenting them.


This means you can focus on more important tasks and your business and your marketing strategy, such as analyzing what worked and what did not work. documenting and recording can take significant time within marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing cuts that time down dramatically. Reports are easy to run and hard to manipulate and falsify. Because you could always run a new report at the click of a button.


Social Media Video and Video Marketing 

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Social Video

Video [content] is King. This is a phrase that has her often within the social media and digital marketing realms. That's because video content is the most commonly shared content on social media.


It makes a lot of sense for businesses and professionals to share video and video marketing content on social media because it will increase your exposure. It will also increase the probability of your media being shared. Users love to share video content more than any other form of media available on social media. 


Learning Social Media and Social Media Marketing Yourself

Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Learn It Yourself

Social media can be learned and it can be conquered. All you have to do is utilize Google Search, utilize social media, and utilize YouTube, — you will get literally billions of hits relevant to learning social media. Some people are overwhelmed by the amount of information available out there.


It can be pretty overwhelming to try and sort through billions of data points. However, if you are considering learning social media for free, that will likely be your best bet. This is a great place to start if time isn't much of a priority for your business.


Hiring a Social Media Agency or Social Media Manager

If you're looking to hire someone to develop, run, and manage your social media, there are several companies available there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution within social media.


I personally think that most people should at least learn the fundamentals of social media before hiring a company or person to handle their social media strategy. This way you can understand the basics and fundamentals of how things work — and you can understand what you want and don't want from an agency or social media manager. 


Learning Social Media – Fast

Social Media Marketing, Hiring Social Media Manager Learning Social Media Fast


For those looking for a quicker more efficient way to learn and understand social media, feel free to check out our Digitize Your Business Course. The course/training offers packaging that will help you get your social media assets, business assets, and digital assets working for you immediately.


It will show you how to expedite the process. It also includes live updates, with the latest and most up-to-date information available. It is backed by our years of expertise and our experience. 



Social Media Marketing Hiring Social Media Manager Jerome Lewis Philadelphia Conclusion

Social media and social media marketing are relevant and it’s here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. It is even more important now than it has been in the past. Society is moving toward more digital and virtual environments. We are able to do a lot digitally and virtually.


2020 has really shown us how we can utilize mediums such as social media, Zoom, video marketing, video tutorials, online education, virtual schooling, and more.



Before hiring anybody, including myself, or someone from our company — try learning social media for yourself. It will likely be a better investment for you to spend your time learning it in a structured format as opposed to hiring someone immediately. This also works out better because if you do decide to finally hire someone for your social media you will know exactly what you want them to implement. 


We offer consulting and assistance for getting your business online. I always encourage business owners to learn these strategies themselves because it’s much more empowering to do this yourself. This is the reason we developed our Digitize Your Business Training

Social Media Marketing, Hiring Social Media Manager Learning Social Media Digitize My Business Course


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