Realtor Video – Editing for Beginners – Best Beginner Equipment / Software to Use?

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With Realtor video growing more popular as a way to reach people online and through social media, there can be a lot of noise on how to use video effectively and what software or programs to use for success as a beginner. Realtors video editing can get complicated, but it does not have to be.

This article, I’ll go over some suggestions and simply the video editing process. Remember, we are realtors, not full-blown video editing professionals.


Start Smart – Use Your Smartphone

This is normally one of the first questions asked by realtors as well as many others: “What equipment do I need?”Smart Phone Shooting Video - Facebook For Realtors - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

The answer is simple. Your smartphone. Most people overthink and over complicate the process of getting started. To get started you only need your smartphone. Turn it on and simply start recording!

When you make enough videos, you’ll gain an intuitive understanding of when it’s time to upgrade to more powerful equipment. Don’t worry too much about equipment until you are consistently pushing out video content.

Invest In A Microphone

I know I said do not worry about equipment earlier on, but there is one exception. Just one. That exception is a microphone.Lapel Microphone From Amazon - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors

The top reason users will move on from your video is because of sound quality.

The type of microphone you need will be relatively cheap.

I recommend spending no more than $25. Here's a link to the microphone I purchased and use for my videos.


Don’t Overcomplicate Video Editing and Production

Making videos as realtors does not have to be a complicated process. Remember, we are in the real estate business,

We are not in that video editing / production business. Our clients, prospects, and customers will be more concerned with the message of the video not the video production.

Free Video Editing Software You Can Use With Android, Apple, Mac, and PC. With social video, do you only have your users attention for a short period of time.Questions Mark - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors

This is why I recommend some brief, easy video editing. Editing that will let the end-user what they are about to watch.

The acronym BLUF stands for Bottom Line Up Front. (Learned this from my mentor Davin Fesmire. Thanks, Davin!)

Let people know what they are about to spend their time on before clicking and investing their time and attention into your video!

Here is an example of a home buyer video that I was able to put together in less than 15 minutes for my business partner Patricia for free using Kapwing! A free video editor!

Which Video Editing App Should I Use? – FREE Video Editor!

I use the Kapwing video editor on most of my quick social media videos.

You ever come across a video editing app that imposes on you and your branding with persistent and useless watermarks or some pushy upgrade package? Haven’t we all?!Kapwing Video Editor Software Logo - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors

Kapwing is the exact opposite of that.

The FREE version of Kapwing should be more than enough, but they do have an upgrade option for only $20 per month!

The Kapwing Pro option, will allow you to do things like:

  • 1GB file upload limit
  • Publish videos up to 40 minutes long
  • Edit and store all content
  • Download SRT files
  • Make content private
  • Upload custom fonts

Kapwing is a great tool for those that want to add a little razzle dazzle to their videos.

Upcoming: We Video video editing software review!

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for my review on the more advanced but still easy-to-use, cloud-based video editing software: We Video.We Video Editor Software Logo 2 - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors

We Video is an amazing app as well, that deserves a separate review. The app is loaded with all a Realtor would need to push out high quality video edits.

If you're an immediate action taker and would rather not await my personal review, you can do some of your own research on We Video by clicking this link or the We Video picture below.

We Video Editor Software Logo - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors


Was this article helpful? If you have any questions, or suggestions, Please comment below. What software and tools do you use to edit and produce your social media videos?

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Realtor Video - Editing for Beginners

6 thoughts on “Realtor Video – Editing for Beginners – Best Beginner Equipment / Software to Use?”

  1. With the current stay at home order, I’ve charged myself with the task of learning a new skill but I’ve been stumped about which direction to proceed in. Thanks to this post though, I’ve decided to pick up Video editing. There are many valuable insights provided here that’s helped me garner an idea of what exactly I need to do. I’d like to know if Wevideo also requires a subscription?

    • EliteCarol, WeVideo has a subscription model and a model that you can pay annually. One thing I really like about WeVideo is the fact that it allows you to record your screen without any additional needed hardware and software, so I think this software would do a great justice for you as a gamer. 

      What is your gamer tag and what system do you game on? I would love to connect. I’m on PC mostly, but I play Xbox One every now and again. 

  2. This is a timely post for me.

    I have just been approached by a person that has asked for training in what kit to buy and how to use it. She also said that the ability to upload their footage and have us edit it would be a real winner for them. To be honest it seems like the perfect solution.

    • Joao! Thank you for your comment! And please feel free to share this article with your friend. I’d be more than happy to help your friend if they wanted to discuss with me 1on1. 

      Again! Appreciate your comment! 

  3. Loved your post as I need to do some videoing but didn’t want to have to spend money on expensive equipment up front without some experience. I loved the idea of doing it on my phone although mine is an android. I would like to know more about Kapwing and it’s abilities. How quickly can you edit a video?


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