Real Estate Memes – [A Guide To Meme Content For Real Estate]

This is a guide to generating your own unique memes and real estate content for social media. In this blog post, we’ll talk about real estate memes and how you can make your own real estate memes. 


Memes are popular on social media. They are some of the most shared content and they’re highly relatable. If you are wondering how some people make memes, you are in the right spot.


Here at Digital Real Estate Strategy, one of our core values is agility. That means we want you to be agile and capable of delivering quickly. 


In this case, I want to show you the best tool and the best strategy for generating real estate meme content. This way your content is more enjoyable and relatable. Let’s begin. 

What Is A Meme? 

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Properly pronounced as “MEEM.” 

A meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Why Use Memes

Why would a person care to use memes in real estate? Memes have relatable content that others can share and appreciate. 


Many people are tired of seeing boring social media content about real estate and how “I can help you find your dream” home. Since meme content is more relatable, more people are willing to share it. 


The more people that share your content, the more your name or brand is marketed. If you live in 2020, I’m sure you’ve seen content with branding shared in your social media feeds. 


Sharing Your Branding Sharing Your Branding - Real Estate Memes - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Jerome Lewis

When you use memes and they are shared, your chance for your branding to be shared increases as well. When making memes, I highly suggest you make your own in addition to any others you may see or share. 


Making memes can get confusing because there are several apps available for creating them. A Google search will yield several million hits. I have tried several of the apps myself.


Each provided its own limitations. Some try to charge you for using them. Some try to impose their logos and branding on your content. And many other issues. 


What good is an app that is forcing their branding on the content you wanted to share? There is no long term benefit to you for this. 


How To Make Real Estate MemesMaking Real Estate Memes - Jerome Lewis - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Real Estate Memes

In my research, I have found one app that allows you to truly create memes for FREE. No money required! It is cloud-based, so it will work anywhere you can connect to internet service.


The app is called Kapwing. This is by far one of my favorite tools for generating content. I enjoy Kapwing because, in addition to it’s powerful meme creation abilities, it’s also a video editing platform. 


Once you get the hang of Kapwing, you may never need another video editor or meme app for your real estate memes. Not the mention Kapwing is a truly free app. 


You can click here to start using Kapwing to create real estate memes and real estate video content. 

You can check out my review of Kapwing here


Use Kapwing To Recreate Real Estate MemesMaking Real Estate Memes - Jerome Lewis - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Recreate Real Estate Memes


Below is a YouTube demonstration of me using Kapwing to recreate memes from some of my favorite real estate meme accounts. 


Remember that you don’t only have to create memes with the tool. You can also create other relevant material such as Facebook Ads, branding content, tutorials, demonstrations, etc. 


I post most of the content I create to my Instagram account. You can click here to check it out


I like to share personal content as well as content that can be useful for your real estate business. Oh! And memes! Real estate memes, too! Can’t forget that! (Be sure to give me a follow as well 😉)


I share my videos there as well. Speaking of videos, let's talk about creating video memes in the next section.


Create Real Estate Video MemesMaking Real Estate Video Memes - Jerome Lewis - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Real Estate Video Memes

One thing we need to keep in mind during these times is the fact that video content is shared a lot more than text and images combined. Kapwing can help you create and generate real estate memes with videos as well. 


One thing I truly appreciate about Kapwing is the fact that you can generate pull video content directly from sites like YouTube by simply pasting the public link into Kapwing. This feature alone saves you a ton of time and resources by eliminating extra steps. 


Below is a demonstration of me pulling a video directly from YouTube to make a video meme. Keep in mind you don’t only have to do this for memes. You can do this for all types of content. 

Meme InspirationMaking Real Estate Memes - Jerome Lewis - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Real Estate Memes Ideas

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your real estate memes, you can look all over. Including GoogleOne of my favorite methods to use with memes is to recreate content that I have already seen. 


I would just simply add my branding or make the meme with a new caption. When I’m truly looking for inspiration there are a few pages I like to reference for meme content already.


Both these pages provide relative and funny real estate meme content: @RealtorProblemz and @ActuallyAgents. I recommend you follow each account for inspiration. Follow the pages for your own enjoyment as well. You will not regret it! 


ConclusionReal Estate Memes Work - Making Real Estate Memes - Jerome Lewis - eXp Realty - Philadelphia - Real Estate Memes Work

Real Estate Memes are a great way to socialize and marketing yourself to your audience and it shouldn’t be overlooked. They work. They help you humanize you and make you more relatable. 


Your objective is not to constantly share advertising content. In general, you want to share 20% real estate business content and 80 percent personal content. Meme content helps contribute to your personal content.


Keep in mind that we are advertised to constantly on social media. By sharing some humor and fun on your social media profiles, you offer potential real estate clients a different experience. 


Don’t be afraid to share funny and relatable content. Your content doesn’t and shouldn’t be all real estate marketing related. 


PS: We have developed a free mini-course for creating memes. Check it out below:



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