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You are about to read some information and tips on what you can do to get your real estate license in PA (Pennsylvania).

This article is an informative guide that will help you get your real estate license as soon as possible. This way you can be on your way to using your PA real estate license to help customers and clients buy, sell, and invest in real estate ASAP!


Having your Pennsylvania real estate license adds an asset to your tool belt. An asset that you can use to make additional career moves and establish additional ways to make more money. Towards the end of the article, I’ll list the real estate education provider I recommend.



Decide You Want Your License

Decide You Want Your Real Estate License

If you are on this page, you are considering your real estate license.


A huge thing to consider regarding having a real estate license is to understand whether having a real estate license is even necessary and/or if you actually want your real estate license.


Often times, people turn to real estate with the understanding that they are going to make a lot of money within this industry.


We are not saying it's not possible to get involved in real estate without the intent to make money. However, if this is your main intent, give careful consideration to actually sticking with it.


The real estate business is exactly that, a business. It's very possible to start within the real estate business without a real estate license.


In fact, in my experience, I see many real estate licensees that were intent on real estate investing but instead have switched over to get their license to do more with opportunities that aren't available for them without having the real estate license.


The point being, if you are looking to get your real estate license, be ready to decide that you will make this business work and that you will stick with it.



Choose A Real Estate SchoolChoose The Right Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Digital Real Estate Strategy - eXp Realty Philadelphia

If you decided that you do want to be involved in the real estate industry and you have made a commitment to being involved in real estate and having a real estate license, you will then want to choose a real estate licensing school.


There are several real estate schools to choose from. We personally suggest real estate school online because of the convenience that you get in an online and virtual environment.


In-person real estate school is also an option but it can be a challenge in today's environment. A Google search will provide you with pretty decent results.

Try terms like:

  • Real estate school near me
  • Real estate school [your state]
    • If you are aiming to get your real estate license in Arizona for example, your search query would look similar to the text italicized here: Real estate school Arizona
  • real estate school PA (This was the term I used to find my real estate school.)

Either variation of these terms should yield plenty of results.

The real estate school I recommend is showcased in the YouTube video below or you can click the link directly below the video.


>>>Click Here To Try This Real Estate School<<<


Real Estate License Requirements (How Many Hours?)

Real Estate License Requirements - Hours Required - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty - Hours Required Image

Depending on which state you will be licensed in you will be required to complete several hours of real estate license education through a licensed real estate education provider. I am showcasing what is currently required in Pennsylvania below, just to give an idea.

In Pennsylvania, you are required to complete 75 hours of pre-licensing real estate education. The other states will be similar but not exact.

Getting your real estate license in Arizona for example will require you 15 more hours than getting your license in Pennsylvania. (90 hours for Arizona)

As long as you choose and complete the correct real estate school, they will ensure, you have the correct requirements to be licensed in your state.



Complete 30 hours of Real Estate Fundamentals Education 30 Hours Of Fundamentals - Real Estate License Requirements - Hours Required - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty

With the 30 hours of Real Estate Fundamentals you will learn about principles, legal concepts, and laws around buying, selling, owning, and renting real estate in Pennsylvania. The 30-hour pre-licensing course will cover topics like:

  • Real Property and Law
  • Property Development
  • Environmental Issues
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Property Ownership
  • Real Estate Rights
  • Titles, Deeds, Liens, and Recording
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Real Estate Financing Fundamentals and Laws
  • Real Estate Licensing Law in Pennsylvania

Complete 45 hours of Real Estate Practice

45 Hours Of Practice - Real Estate License Requirements - Hours Required - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty

The 45 hours of Real Estate Practice teaches you about the real estate business. You will learn ethics, techniques, procedures, and implementation practices involved throughout real estate transactions. What you can expect to learn about is displayed below:

  • The Real Estate Business
  • The Real Brokerage and Agency
  • Ethical Practices and Fair Housing
  • Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation Contracts
  • Sales Contracts
  • Financing the Real Estate Transaction
  • Appraising Real Estate
  • Closing the Real Estate Transaction
  • Property Management
  • Complete Your Real Estate Licensing Exam

After you finish your 30 hours of real estate fundamentals and 45 hours of real estate practice, you will need to complete the real estate licensing exam for Pennsylvania.


This exam is probably the most difficult part of the entire process. I have an article here on tips to pass your exam. You can reference the article to learn more or you can utilize my recommended exam prep tool that I reference in the below videos.


How I Passed My PA Real Estate Exam (less than 3 minutes)

What I Used To Pass My PA Real Estate Exam (18 minutes)

>>>Click Here For The Exam Prep Program<<<

Complete Your Criminal Background Check

Complete Your Criminal Background Check Real Estate License Requirements - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty

Now it’s time to complete your criminal background check. Some states require fingerprint checks, but Pennsylvania is not one of those states, luckily. All we have to do with Pennsylvania is submit a background check that is not older than 90 days old from your license application.


You can visit the PATCH website to submit a criminal background check.




Select Your New Real Estate BrokerSelect Your New Real Estate Broker - Real Estate License Requirements - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty

This is part of the process where I was confused. I had done research prior and not many sites stated that I would need to have a broker selected in order to submit an application. Please be sure to research real estate brokers before filling out your application. Once you select a broker, you can submit your application to the Pennsylvania Licensing System.


I had done some research prior to finding out which real estate broker I would go with. I'd chosen eXp Realty. In my honest opinion, eXp Realty is a great real estate broker for those that are already serious real estate producers and those that are high producers. If you are a new agent, I would recommend you try another real estate brokerage first, this way you could understand the benefits an online/virtual brokerage provides.


For those that are truly interested in learning about eXp Realty, click here to learn more.




Send In Your Real Estate License Application

Send In Your Real Estate License Application - Real Estate License Requirements - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty


This is one of the last steps. Send in your application. Despite any hiccups, within less than a week, you will be documented as officially licensed as a real estate agent in Pennsylvania and your physical copy of your license should be sent to you.


You’ll need to send a physical copy to your broker as well. The license contains two copies. A wallet-sized copy that I recommend you keep within your wallet and a larger size that you should send to your broker.




Congratulations - Real Estate License Requirements - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty


If you followed and completed each of these steps, Congratulate yourself and announce it to your network of friends and family. You worked for this and you deserve to celebrate and acknowledge this big step. This is just the beginning.


Thank you for reading. If you are interested in courses that I recommend for real estate licensing education, you can read this article here for more info.


Get Started Here (Real Estate School)

If you are looking for a real estate school, click the learn more below to view my recommended Pennsylvania real estate licensing school.


 Real Estate School Get Started - Real Estate License Requirements - Real Estate School - Jerome Lewis - Philadelphia - eXp Realty


Will you use an online school to get your real estate license? Or will you do in-person school to get your real estate license?

Comment below which you will do.


Jerome Lewis – Digital Real Estate Strategy

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  1. Not knowing much about real estate has always been a limitation,cutting short conversations with business partners and generally being a pain. Glad that now I can get be well-informed to make the best choices and decisions on where to get house and rack in some dollars and be a license owner at same time too. Practically been waiting for this to pop up! Namaste!

    • Iheanacho – thanks for your comment. It is greatly appreciated. Please, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you further. I am grateful that you read the article and happy that it helped you. Keep me updated! 

  2. Very comprehensive article. You have covered all the bases in this post and I can say this with authority. I am from Mt. Pocono Pennsylvania originally and was a licensed Real Estate Broker in that state for 10 years.

    • Thanks for your comment, Richard. Good to see a follow real estate professional appear here. Is there a particular reason why you stopped real estate? I’d love to hear from you and I’m sure the people reading this article would love to hear from you as well. Do you have any advice and tips that I could share with my audience? Let me know! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Very informative article. You have covered all the basic detailed information here in this post and I can agree that you have  authority message here. I live in Alberta Canada and originally from Kenya and was looking to get licensed as a Real Estate Broker here but  it haven’t worked out the way it would have been. I finally found the basic information to get started.

  4. Thanks alot for this short but well detailed article…  I’m really glad I stumbled on this I really didn’t know much about getting an estate and tend to be mute when people talk about it.. I currently don’t have plans on getting an estate but when I do.. This would be very helpful… Thanks alot for sharing.. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your post. 

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  5. Thanks for sharing this great review on real estate license. Am thinking of investing in real estate for some time now but don’t know how to go about it. My friends don’t like ideas as they believe in luxuries. This license how long will it last before renewal. What are the benefits of this license. Thank you 

    • You are very welcome! Thanks for your comment! If you are truly interested in investing in real estate feel free to contact me. I may be able to guide you in the right direction. 


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