Real Estate License Classes [2020]

In this article, we are going to talk about real estate license classes and give some resources that you can use so you can see the process of how to get your real estate license fast! 


I will walk you through the process that is still somewhat fresh to me. I learned these things along the way to get my real estate license in PA, which you can see in the 3-minute video below.


With the right tools, you can realistically expect to be complete in 12 weeksCould take more time! Could take less time! It all depends on your commitment, as well as utilizing the right tools!


There are a ton of real estate license classes available. I today’s atmosphere, you can find even more online. There’s some still around doing in-person but let’s be honest, online is the way to go! There are so many benefits to doing your real estate license classes online! 


My recommendation is that you try online first and if that doesn’t work, then try in person. Online isn’t as complicated as we think it is. It has a lot of conveniences compared to in-person testing. 


If you are considering becoming a licensed real estate salesperson, I highly recommend you bookmark this guide. Use this as a resource to help guide you to becoming a real estate expert in today’s world! 


Completing The Required Education (60 – 90 hours)

Real Estate License Classes - Required Education


This stage of the process is normally referred to as “pre-licensing.” Find out your state’s real estate licensing requirements. These requirements will vary state-by-state.


Some states will require as little as 60 hours while other states will require as much as 90 hours of Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses.


For my Pennsylvania real estate license, at the time I was only required to do 60 hours but shortly after this went up to 75 hours. There are several online schools to help. 


The school that I have had the best experience with personally is The CE Shop. I have tried Real Estate U, Real Estate Express, and some other less popular real estate license school brands. 

The CE Shop has given me one of the best experiences in regards to getting my real estate license in Pennsylvania!


To learn more about The CE Shop for real estate pre-licensing education keep reading or click on and watch the video below that will showcase CE Shop real estate license courses. 


What To Use To Pass Your Real Estate Sales Exam

This video showcases what I used to pass my real estate exam.


Be mindful that it is to be used after you complete your real estate pre-licensing education. This is the real estate school I suggest as of October 2020 to use if you are in the pre-licensing phase to get your real estate license online.


Though specific to Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing, I have written an entire article on my experience and advice on passing your real estate license exam here. This should be relevant to any state, not just PA.



In the video directly above, I have the above video showcases the program.

Successfully Pass Your Real Estate Licensing Exam

Real Estate License Classes - Success

Once you have the proper pre-licensing education, you are ready for the next step. This is the phase where people tend to have the most trouble. This is the exam phase AKA Test Time. 


On a test, you can expect anywhere from about 100  – 120 multiple choice test questions. The required score will vary depending upon the state. Some states will require a score of 60% to pass and others may require as much as 75% to pass. 


These are numbers and I encourage you not to be discouraged if you do not pass on your first try.


Real Estate Exam Prep – Increase Your Success Probability 

Real Estate License Classes - Increase Success

To increase your chance for success I recommend that you check out The CE Shop’s exam prep packages. Each attempt at passing the real estate exam will cost you a fee. The fee can range between $50 to as high as $250.


If you are not feeling super Confident by the time it's time to take your test I recommend exam prep for around $80.  


This will increase your chance of success so you don't have to pay the test fee multiple times. The exam prep can save you hundreds of dollars, lots of time, and lots of frustration and stress. It’s not required but it’s highly recommended. 


You can visit Google Search to find exam prep or you can try the recommended exam prep below.


 Real Estate License Classes - Exam Prep


The most important aspect of your real estate license education is choosing the right School and Being prepared.


The educational provider will make all the difference.


I highly recommend that you are considering purchasing my state license education, you check out The CE Shop.


You can click the picture below to learn more.

Real Estate License Classes - The CE Shop


PS. To get started right away, access classes by clicking here.

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