Generate Real Estate Leads Online

In the article we're going to talk about how to generate real estate leads online. Generating real estate leads online might sound complicated with the right tools the process can be simplified and even automated.


The purpose of this article is to shed some insight and resources so you can be more efficient in generating real estate leads online.

Real Estate Leads Online

What is an online real estate lead?

Online generally means the internet.


An online Real Estate Lead is a lead that comes from the internet and some form.


Online real estate leads can be from numerous sources such as Zillow,, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website, email, and other online / internet sources.

It depends on your lead generation sources.

What's A Online Real Estate Lead?

What Should I Use To Generate Leads Online?

When it comes to generating leads online, there can be a lot of distractions.


This can cause confusion on what method to implement or utilize to generate your real estate leads.


As stated in the paragraph above, there can be numerous sources that generate real estate leads for you.

Let’s talk about the sources below.

Social Media

Social Media


Social media is effective because of the amount of time spent browsing social media. A Google search reveals that there are over 3.7 billion active social media users.


The average time spent on social media being more than 140 minutes each day.


Social media is also very “social” and “personable.” Social media users are afforded the opportunity to learn who you are as an individual.


People want to work with those they can trust and social media helps with building trust.


Personal Tip:

Be a human on social media and don't be salesy. Interact with users on a human level and provide value.


This will attract people naturally and when they're in need for Real Estate service you'll be one of the first people to come to their mind.


Social media includes websites and platforms such as:

There are hundreds of social media sites. The ones listed are some of the most popular. A major benefit to social media is the fact that you can generate leads for free. Using nothing but your time.


You can also use paid marketing and ads with social media. I actually recommend paid ads with social media because you can reach thousands of potential prospects at cheap prices.


Here's a quick example: For just $100 I can reach up to 660 people per day. This's almost 20000 people marketed to each month. Powerful stuff.


Demonstrated in the image below.


Real Estate Leads Online - Email

Email marketing is emailing to a database of contacts you have already, or miss you are building. Platforms for email marketing would include:

  • Constant Contact
  • aWeber
  • Mail Chimp
  • Get Response
  • and more.

Just like social media, there are hundreds of email marketing platforms. Keep in mind the spam laws email marketing.


I'm not a huge advocate of email marketing emails because compared to other methods, the open rates are minimal.

If you put your best foot forward with email marketing, with the right strategy, incorrect system, you can expect an open rate on the high-end of about 26%.


And click-through rates are even less. Again, this does work if you market to a high volume audience. For the sake of numbers brevity, let’s look at this scenario: 26% of 10,000 is 2,600.


There's bound to be some conversions here if you follow through correctly.


Real Estate Leads Online - Chatbot

Chatbots are a personal favorite of mine.

Chatbots keep a conversation flow with the prospect or customer while also collecting information and data relevant to the transaction and user.


chatbots have a higher engagement rate than other avenues. Previously in this article, we mentioned email open rates at 26%.


Check this out: With chatbot marketing–specifically Facebook Messenger Marketing, open rates are about 80% and more. Click-through rates are 30%.


Compare this to email marketing and just by using chatbots alone, we have a 30% click-through rate. The click-through rate is higher than the open rate for emails.


This's the efficiency of chatbots and that's why it's one of my favorite lead generators. Chatbots don't only generate leads but they'll automatically nurture your leads as well.


Website – YOUR Online “Real Estate”

Real Estate Leads Online Website

Have A Website

Next we talked about a real estate website. Having a real estate website to generate real estate leads online is a necessity if you want success.


These days if you don't have a website or an online presence you don't really have a business. Users are searching Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets more than ever.

Real Estate Leads Online - Be Available

Be available and reachable on your website.

Information is readily available and users understand this. Thus, users will perform online research before doing most things.


If you have an online presence you heighten your chances of being discovered by internet users. The more available and accessible you are, the more business you will attract.


A Website Builds Your Online Authority

Establishing a website builds authority and builds trust. It's important to have an online business presence if you want to attract business online.


If implemented correctly, a website can also work for you. Do you want to establish a website that will generate and follow up with leads automatically for you. There are several platforms available.

Building Your You Website 

Depending on your skills and expertise, you can build your own website by using website building tools such as Wix, WordPress, or SquareSpace.


As real estate professionals our primary intent with a real estate website is to generate online real estate leads, so I do recommend having a site built for you instead of doing it yourself.


It’s best to go with services that are familiar and specific to the real estate industry.

Real Estate Leads Online - Build Authority

A custom website can be nice and it can look pretty but our objective is to do business. This means we generate leads, nurture the leads, and finally convert the leads.


The toughest part of a real estate transaction is the follow-up and nurturing. If you establish a website or system to do this automatically for you, you can focus on your business of completing real estate deals.


Having Your Website Built For You

There are many websites that offer real estate and lead generation services but I recommend Carrot because their system works.


It's important not to get too caught up in trying to find a pretty website or service. Find something that works and stick what works.


Carrot has a ton of real estate specific resources and is a major asset in terms of generating real estate leads online. I'll be writing an article in the near future. Stay tuned. You can learn more about Carrot by clicking the learn more button:

Real Estate Leads Online

Your Personal “Digital Real Estate Domain”

A website is your online “real estate domain.” A website is vital because no one can take it from you.


When you switch companies or were any of the other companies we mentioned above were to change rules, policies, or procedures — you're at their mercy because these are their websites and services.


With your own personal website things are different and you own your resources. At minimum, I suggest you purchase a domain that is relevant to your personal brand and personal business.


Thank you for reading.


Comment your thoughts below. Do you think generating leads online is a decent strategy?


PS. If you are looking to have lead generated for you, using turnkey method, click here to learn more!


Jerome Lewis – Digital Real Estate Strategy

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8 thoughts on “Generate Real Estate Leads Online”

  1. Hello Jerome, thanks you to this very detailed and informative post,  I never knew that one could generate real estate lead online,  this is really a big eye opener for me and the approach/method you gave above are just very easy to follow and one dosen’t need to be very tech savvy to able to do this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jomata, thanks for you comment. I’m appreciate that you found the article informative. Yes. Generating leads online is a real thing. But it needs to be done correctly. If you do it correctly, your business could do really well and scale greatly. 

  2. Helo therea big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educating post real estate leads online, he generating real estate leads onliine could be sometimes challenging. Anyways thanks for these tips on how to generate leads online, they’re nice I’ll indeed put them to practice. Thanks once again for sharing this.

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I was researching online on effective ways  to generate estate leads, I was directed to this article. Having gone through the various ways highlighted in this article, I am overwhelmed . Nevertheless, I am convinced it will definitely gonna be effective, hence I am giving it a trial

    • You are welcome. I’m glad one of my articles were the ones you read. Let me know how your trial goes and if there’s a way I can assist you. 

  4. Hey Jerome – Super informative post! This post can be tremendous for at least 3 groups of people I can think of: 1) New real estate agents who haven’t figured out what their digital marketing strategy should be; 2) More ‘old school’ realtors who haven’t gotten serious about digital marketing because they do things like they always have and been too intimidated by digital marketing they haven’t engaged, or, 3) professionals other than realtors who haven’t yet figured out how they can prosper from digital marketing

    • Glen, Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the feedback! You nailed it with you observation! This is exactly the message I was trying to deliver. Your comment is very well though out and I appreciate you reading this article. Digital marketing does not have to be scary! Just need to get the right tools and resources.


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