Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead generation is shifting. The year 2020 was an interesting one for sure.


There are some real estate professionals that generate their real estate leads completely offline.


But we are going to talk about how you can build your own real estate leads generator using what I find to be one of the best online real estate lead generation platforms.


Within this article, we’ll review one of the best real estate lead generation websites available so we can use it as part of our business to generate and produce the real estate leads needed to close deals!


You can do this to generate both real estate seller leads and real estate buyer leads for your business.


How to get real estate leads online can sound scary, but using the right tools will make it a much smoother process. Having the right real estate website is essential to helping you generate real estate leads for your business.


Investor Carrot can help with getting real estate leads online.


(Throughout this article, the terms Carrot and Investor Carrot will be used interchangeably.)

What is Investor Carrot?

Carrot is a front-facing website that generates leads for Real Estate Investors, real estate professionals, and real estate agents online.


For real estate agents specifically, we are often given a generic real estate website that barely produces leads for us.



For real estate investors, we often don't even consider a website to generate leads. This can be a huge mistake, especially considering the fact that the right real estate website will automatically generate motivated seller leads for real estate.


And when we do, it is usually a website that will display our services or offers–not generate real estate leads while we are working on our business.


Investor Carrot is an online lead generation tool, website, lead nurturer, and more.


Investor Carrot will work and generate leads for you while you are working on other phases of your business.


Who is Investor Carrot for?

Investor Carrot is for just about any real estate professional. Investor Carrot is for real estate agents and real estate investors.


Investor Carrot has packages for both. I always recommend that real estate investors be licensed real estate professionals and vice versa.


But I do understand that not everyone is interested in being a real estate investor-agents.


What Kind of Leads Do I Get From Investor Carrot?


Carrot can be to generate a variety of real estate leads among a variety of real estate niches. Here of just a few:

  • Wholesale
  • Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • Small Multifamily
  • Short Sales
  • Note Buying
  • Real Estate Agents


Investor Carrot Review - Pros - Written By Jerome Lewis of Digital Real Estate Strategy

Real Estate Business Plan

The first and most important feature from my perspective who's the business plan Investor Carrot offers to real estate professionals.


Having a business plan is an important part of the business that many people overlook.


You are in business but having a plan will put you way ahead of the game. Having a proper business plan gives you the ability to properly work on your business.


This is one of my favorite things about Carrot because many people don't understand the importance of having this.

Investor Carrot Review - Plan For Success For Your Real Estate Business


“Failing to plan is a plan to fail.”


So why not have a plan of success for your business?


Real Estate Marketing Plan

Outside of having an overall business plan. Having a marketing plan is also highly important. Using Investor Carrot will give you a marketing plan for your real estate business.


If you're not generating leads and bringing prospects, customers, and clients — you don't really have a business.


Marketing is the lifeblood of your real estate business. Marketing can help you turn your customer's interest into revenue.


SEO / Website Ranking

What is SEO and website ranking? SEO is short for search engine optimization. Simply put, this means that your website can be optimized for search engines and discovered in the top pages for relevant searches.


Having your website ranked and optimized will increase lead generation. If you discovered this page through Google, Bing or a similar search engine, that was the process of SEO/Ranking.


You can learn more about SEO from this Carrot article here. SEO can be complicated and overwhelming to learn, but you don't have to learn about it.


You can allow Investor Carrot's website and systems to work it for you.


Investor Carrot Review - Search Engine Optimization For Real Estate Leads


Seller Leads Training

As real estate professionals, we understand that buyer leads are typically the easier leads to obtain. Seller leads are different.


But seller leads are the key to building wealth, because they allow you to leverage your time a lot more efficiently.


As real estate agents, these are considered as listings. As real estate investors, these are deals we can buy for ourselves and keep as real estate investments.


We can fix and flip them, buy and hold them, wholesale them, etc. Investor Carrot offers training that will generate 1-3 of these leads each day.


Retarget Your Real Estate Leads

This is what I like to call subtle stalking. Have you ever visited a website or checked out a product and that website or product follows you to other platforms?


Kind of like your device is listening? Well, in a way it is. This is simply called retargeting.


Investor Carrot Review - Retargetting Leads Image

Nurturing leads requires follow-up. Retargeting helps with the follow-up process. Retargeting works passively so it allows your marketing and advertising to work for you, while you focus on more important tasks.


Scale Your Real Estate Business

Scaling a real estate business can be difficult. In order to scale you need a plan. A step-by-step plan that you can implement with practicality.


Carrot's platform is geared to help you create a business rather than you being on a constant day-to-day grind.


Having the right, tools, resources, and people around you will help you scale your business in the most effective way possible and this is included within the Investor Carrot platform as another benefit.


This will help you save yourself time and stress, effectively allowing you to focus on things that are more important to you, personally or professionally.



Investor Carrot Review - Cons - Written by Jerome Lewis

I thought long and hard about the cons. I am greatly satisfied with the service that Carrot offers, so it took me some careful consideration to find these cons.

Investor Carrot Review - Cons


Cookie-cutter websites.

One of the things I dislike about the Carrot would be the website’s basic format and template. The website you see is standard and just about all Carrot customers will receive the same website.


However, I do understand how too much customization can decrease lead generation and lead conversion results. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


It will likely require some tech expertise.

With Carrot, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes systems and tech working for you. The more tech, tools, plugins, etc that are available for people increased the chance of something not working correctly.


So, even though you can purchase the website pretty much out of the box as a turnkey product, either you or a Carrot rep will be needed for tech updates from time-to-time.


Investor Carrot Review - Tech Support



Ultimately, these were the only cons I could think of personally. Carrot is an amazing real estate lead generation website.


Under the hood and behind the scene of Carrot websites, there is real marketing systems and real technology.


This in itself is a big deal, because other services promise this and do not deliver. I recommend Carrot for new real estate professionals as well as seasoned.


Generating leads online is a real thing. And it will grow even more popular because of how interesting things have become since 2020 around the world.


The world changed and we as humans now generate even more internet traffic.


Investor Carrot Review - Recommended By Digital Real Estate Strategy - Jerome Lewis


I highly recommend both real estate agents and real estate investors strongly consider adding Investor Carrot to your business.


If you do not think Investor Carrot is right for you, at the very least consider some of their free resources to help improve upon your business.


Here’s a list of a few of the free resources:

  • SEO Bible For Real Estate Agents
  • SEO Bible For Real Estate Investors
  • Content Marketing For Agents
  • Generate Motivated Facebook Seller Leads


Investor Carrot Review - Try Investor Carrot Image

Please tell me what you found helpful about my Investor Carrot review by leaving a comment with your thoughts below. I put a lot of time into this review so all feedback is encouraged! If you have any questions, also leave a comment. Let me know how I can help you!



PS: If you want to sign up for Carrot, click here or you can watch my video review below.



Bonus Training/Content From Investor Carrot


3 Real Estate Seller Leads Per Day Training

Generate Motivated Seller Leads - Investor Carrot Review - Generate Motivated Sellers Online


This training is geared to help you generate 1-3 motivates real estate seller leads for your real estate business each day. These leads are bound to be off-market leads, as well as being specific and custom to you.


Meaning very little competition. What's also special about these leads is the fact that they will be from Google.


Google leads have a higher intent and convert better since these types of leads were actively searching for your real estate business or other similar real estate services to sell their unwanted real estate, property.


Read this article to understand how important SEO can be for your real estate website. It will put you far ahead of your competition and it's worth every bit of effort.


“Effort? Do you mean to tell me I can do this myself?”


Absolutely! Any real estate investor or real estate agent can implement this strategy immediately into their real estate business and begin generating motivated seller real estate leads.


Feel free to click on this article link to read the full article to see how you could implement this in your real estate business.



30 Day Authority Challenge For Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents


This 30 Day Authority Challenge will help real estate investors and real estate agents alike. By entering this challenge expect to become an authority in your real estate market.


Which will lead you to more leads and more business. This is a simple challenge where you will be given very practical things to do within your real estate business that will generate leads for your real estate business as well as building your authority.


This is one of my favorite challenges and I highly recommend anyone interested in generating more leads and more real estate business to take this challenge.


Building your brand, presence, and becoming an authority is one of the best ways to attract real estate business.


Click Here For 30 Day Challenge For Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Agents.


30 Day Challenge: For Real Estate Agents and Realtors


If you are Ready To Get More Real Estate Leads & Close Your Next Listing, this 30 Day challenge may be exactly what you need. The objective of this challenge is to improve your website and marketing strategies by suggesting 1 highly important task per day.


In addition to that, each task only requires a few minutes of your time each day, so you are not removed from your normal production. Taking this challenge is bound to bring you tangible results within 30 days.


This is my favorite challenge for real estate agents because of how quickly it helps build a digital presence and authority no matter where you are in your real estate business.


Click here for the 30 Day Challenge: For Real Estate Agents and Realtors.



52 SEO Keyword Guide To Generate Real Estate Leads


The SEO Bible is an ultimate guide that will help you establish your real state business as an online powerhouse. It's a guide that gives you insight on how to find the most profitable keywords, high ranking keywords for real estate agents and real estate investors,


This SEO Keywords Guide will guide you on exactly what you need to do to implement maximize your website and the keywords.


This simple guide is free to download and you can start implementing these strategies immediately. This guide ranks high on my list because it's one of the main ways I generate real estate leads for my business.


Click Here To Download The SEO Keyword Guide For Free.


Coming soon:

  • Agent Carrot
  • Agent Webinar
  • Authority Builder Download
  • Business Plan
  • Cash Buyer Case Study
  • Core Webinar Funnel
  • Craigslist Download
  • Dave Brown SEO
  • David Brown Case Study
  • Demo
  • Epic Planning Call
  • FREE Resources
  • Main Sales Site Link
  • Mitch CarrotCast
  • Partner Live Webinar – CM
  • PayPerClick Keywords
  • Plans
  • Retargeting
  • Scale All
  • Summit


Jerome H. Lewis Jr - HeadshotJerome Lewis, eXp Realty, Philadephia, Digital Real Estate Strategy

Real Estate Leads Website








Lead Capture





  • Automated Content Marketing
  • High-Converting Websites
  • Detailed Training
  • Effective Lead Management
  • Simple, but Efficient


  • May require some tech expertise
  • Generic website template

21 thoughts on “Real Estate Lead Generation”

  1. Being able to capture leads is an absolute must in any buyers/sellers business. The fact that Investor Carrot allows its customers to “re-target” its captured leads is excellent marketing.

    It’s been my experience over the last 8yrs of online marketing and lead capture, that 90% of business is done through the retargeting of a lead. Being able to send messages, updates, ask and answer questions builds trust between buyers and sellers alike.

    • Indeed! I absolutely agree with you. Lead capture is a staple of having a successful business. 

      90% of business is captured through retargeting. That’s a very interesting and valuable stat to share! I am going to do some research on that myself. Pleased to have someone of your stature to share their insight. 8 years entails a lot of experience. 

  2. Dear Jerome, 

    I have to say that this is a highly informative and well written article about Investor Carrot.  I totally agree with you that real estate investors should be licensed real estate professionals and vice versa. Thats the only way credibility will come into the business and services will be better. 

    I like the flow of your writing and the method of analysis. It’s a good read. 

    Please take some time out to review a few more online estate websites as this will help us compare services and arrive at the best ones. 


    Deep Regards,

    Aparna Bansal

    • Aparna, thanks so much for your comment. and I appreciate your perspective about having a real estate license. From my perspective, it makes a lot of sense. As long as you aren’t doing anything untrustworthy, having both is more of a benefit than it is a detriment. 

      And I will certainly write a review for a few more websites at your request. Great suggestions. 

  3. I am into online marketing and we use a tool and software that caters to all business needs like real states, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and the like. I have not heard of this Carrot, it’s nice to read articles like yours to get to know more of other products that can help people with their businesses. 

    I will be checking out this Carrot and see if it is something for my friend who is in the real state world.

    • Thanks, Gillian. I really appreciate your comment. I love the fact that you are also into online marketing. It’s a great industry to be involved in. It teaches skills that are transferable. Please feel free to share this article with your friend as well. 

      PS. Would love to learn more about the tool and software you use. 

  4. Hey Jerome, 

    I love how they can help with SEO as many people struggle with the aspect of the business. I think 2020 is going to be a very interesting time in real estate, mostly due to the pandemic. I think there may be a large rise in both sellers and buyers in the aftermath of this.

    Using such a tool as Carrot seems to make total sense at this moment in time. A tool that will allow you to concentrate on what matters. I will be sure to check it out.

    Do you personally use it or have you just reviewed it with a thought to using it?


    • Hey Michelle! 

      I agree. SEO can be complex since it’s ever-changing! I am learning quite a bit about SEO myself currently and it can be a bit overwhelming, so what think is a good strategy is for people to have someone run their SEO while they learn about it, so they could eventually take over and do their own SEO and customize the SEO to their liking. 

      And yes! I personally use the tool myself! 

  5. I appreciate you for taking the time to come up with some of those cons as well. I totally get that it can be difficult, especially if the thing is working so well. As far as I can tell, the pros seem to make it a worthy investment. The SEO stuff really is a must these days, otherwise, it takes a disproportionate amount of them to get anything to rank. The Seller Leads Training also sounds like something I would very much enjoy. Above all, love the idea of them actually helping us to build a business; a day-to-day grind can only get us so far.

    I will look into those free resources as well. Again, I appreciate it, Jerome. 

    • Matiss. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate your insight here. Yes. I highly recommend this product. The cons of having to be technical can be scary, but I think most people can learn the necessary skills. Plus, those skills will transfer over to just about any industry / job. 

  6. Nice article you have here admin. This is an advancement to the real estate business and so many people do not know about this. Personally I intend to go into real estate in the future and on thing I am definitely incorporating is this. Marketing is another hard part of the business and I think Carrot will help. Thank you Jerome

    • Iheanacho, Thanks for your comment. I am glad to see you found this to be valuable. I must say marketing is one of the more complex phases of business, so that’s definitely the case with real estate investing. As business owners, it is important that we implement some type of marketing system. 

  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoy going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one can hold on to in a time like this. I know a couple of real estate investors that would find this very useful, i will be sharing this with them now, thanks.

  8. very cool and informative post! I’m not a real estate professional or involved in real estate at all but I do see a lot of similarities with my own business I am trying to set up. I am convinced though that capturing leads is a must not only in real estate business bit for any online business for that matter. My friend is in real estate though and I will surely pass on your post top him

    thanks for sharing!

    • Mitchell! Thanks for your comment! You are absolutely correct! Lead capture is essential to any business! For sure! Please feel free to share this with your friend! 😎

  9. Thanks for the great review, Jerome! I’ve watched HGTV as my main source of screen-bound entertainment since as long as I can remember. My favorite shows have always been the “flipping” shows, but I always wondered how they even found those places!

    My dream is to someday flip a small house in a trendy area and rent it out to expand my sources of passive income. I think Carrot is just the thing to help me out with this. While I’m not ready to take on a project like that yet, honestly I may even just want Carrot for fun to look at listings. It sounds like Zillow but about 100x more interesting.

    • Maria! Thanks for your comment. HGTV is very interesting. It’s a fun and entertaining show to watch, but some of the projects there can become really unrealistic. LOL. Nonetheless, you are right. They get those leads from somewhere. 

      This can serve as one of the sources to buy those houses, fix them up, and flip the as investments within real estate. Carrot isn’t the same as Zillow, however. Carrot is more of an information site. 

      It won’t show listing. It’s a site with information for people that are interesting in selling their house. 

      It will serve as information for the person interested in selling their house, but it will serve as a lead capture for the person that implements the website. 

      Did I explain it in a way that makes sense? 

  10. Although I am not in the real estate space I can see good value for this product.  In my experience there is one way that works better than anything else to drive free traffic to your website.  That is the power of intention.   

    Just see in your minds eye all the people benefiting from your product/service and set the intention of the feelings that you want them to experience.  Focus on these feelings and by providing more value than you ask for in return you will get sales. So no matter what method you chose to advertise, as long as you have a high belief that it will work, then it will.  That is the real key. 

  11. Hi Jerome. There are quite a few things I like about Investor carrot. I really don’t like what you mentioned about the tech expertise (but I could find a way to handle it, I’m not that naive when it comes to tech). 

    I liked to hear the training was very detailed and that the websites built with it had a high conversion rate.

  12. Well! Though having weighed both the cons and the pros. I cannot help but view it as the pros outweighs the cons and for that reason, this platform is perfect for long term investors into the real estate business. I actually like the fact that they offer so much more than just advice’s and tips and they can help in making real time decisons for investors and that is perfect for me to know of. I like offer of this company and that is really fine by me


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