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A lot of real estate agents get involved in real estate to build wealth and/or riches. Most times, our intent is to be a real estate investor agent, not just a real estate agent.


It takes a confident and independent person to seek their real estate license in the first place, right?


But along the path to this wealth, we get distracted and end up stuck on the real estate agent treadmill. The treadmill or chasing deal after deal.


All while working within one of the most amazing industries to invest in Real Estate. In this article, we'll talk about how to shift from an ordinary real estate agent to a real estate investor agent.


Education is essential to learn about real estate investing just as it was essential to obtaining your real estate license. There are many forms of Education in real estate investing.


Here are some basic forms of education that can help you shift from real estate sales to Real Estate Investor Realtor or for short an Investor Agent!


Books / Online Education

Books and online education are probably the most independent ways to learn about real estate investing.


With books and online education, you can learn at your own pace, but in the same respect, you may not fully understand all Concepts in a book. Books - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Real Estate Education Books

Books and online education are some of my favorite ways to learn, and it's what started me on the path to real estate investing.


Here are some of my favorite books regarding getting started in real estate investing.

You can click on any link to purchase either of the recommended books. These books are staples to my real estate investing career.


Communities / Real Estate Investment Associations (REIAs)

These are communities of realtors, real estate agents, real estate investors, contractors, and other real estate professionals. Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Community - Networking At A REIA

These communities come together at regular intervals. Some are physical in-person meetings and others are virtual meetings. Masterminds would also be included in this.

Some of my favorites are:

Each are good resources and communities to be involved with. Click either of the links to do more research on the groups.


Partnerships can be structure in a few ways. But for the sake of time and brevity, we will talk about basic partnerships between two people.


A partnership can be structured however you like, but the most important thing to consider in a partnership, is the benefit to both parties.


Real Estate Investor Agent - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Stephanie Smith - Partnership - Real Estate Investing

With a partnership, you want to make sure there is an exchange. Both parties bring something to the table that contributes to success.


A common example is when one partner has no money, and the other does. The party with no money has knowledge and experience. And the partner with money does not.


Here the two will come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both. A partnership can vary, they can be long-term or short-term.


Partnerships can be by transaction or by time. They can be a powerful way to break into the real estate investing scene.


Mentorship and Coaching

Mentors and coaching can shortcut your success. I define a mentor as a person that takes a personal interest in an individual with no immediate monetary benefit or exchange.


A good example would be a one-to-one relationship such as father to son, daughter to mother relationships, or any Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Connor Steinbrook - Facebook For Realtorcombination.


I Define a coach as a person that takes a personal interest — specifically, an objective non-emotional personal interest in an individual's success.


Coaches are often paid or run a business coaching students.


Normally, coaches can be more objective, and they care more about the bottom line result and your success. Coaches can both be virtual or physically in-person.


Coaches tend to have a more defined routine with their students. For example, I meet with 2 of my coaches 3 – 4 times per week for a minimum time of 1 hour.


Some of my mentors/coaches specific to real estate investing, past and present:

Home Study and eCourses

The last form of education I want to talk about is home study and eCourses. Home study courses are a combination of everything we discussed in this article. Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Work From Home - Facebook For Realtors

These courses include a combination of reading books, reading online articles, they include communities, masterminding, and they also include mentorship and coaching oftentimes.


Below, I'll include some of my suggested online and home study / eCourses.


Are you confident that you can do this or would you like me to write another article?

Future Real Estate Investing Course ReviewsJerome H. Lewis Jr - Coming Soon - Facebook For Realtors

My next article on Real Estate Investing Course and education will include specific details about specific courses I recommend.


As always, thank you for reading.


Please comment below if you found this article helpful. Comment below with any questions.


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