Real Estate Exam Questions and Examples

Accessing real estate exam questions? If you are here you are looking for real estate exam questions. For a simulation of how the questions look when preparing and taking the real estate exam. In this article, we'll talk a little about the real estate exam and a program that can help you with real estate exam questions. Let's begin.


The Research Stages

The Research Stages

When preparing for your real estate exam there are several ways you can go about testing. In the beginning stages, before any education at all, I will call this the researching stage. The researching stage is where an individual is interested in real estate licensing but has still not made a commitment.


This phase usually comes before the pre-licensing stage. The pre-licensing stage includes the necessary education to become a licensed real estate professional or agent. The amount of required coursework will vary from state to state. This is the stage where you would much consider “being in school.”


If you are truly interested in making the commitment and you are looking for the required education, you can click this link or the picture below.


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What To Use For Real Estate School, Best Real Estate School: The CE Shop

After Pre-Licensing

After you complete the necessary requirements for the pre-licensing stage, you are then ready for practice exams and this is where it is time to dive in and get your real estate exam questions. First, copying questions directly from the real estate exam is a violation and it may even be illegal.


That being said, there is still a way to come dangerously close to what the real estate exam questions will look like and feel like. There is what we call a practice exam and this exam is what helped me pass the test to acquire my real estate license. The exam, combined with this Prep Agent software is my reason for success. Combining the two really helped.


Each state will have a different kind of practice exam. This is why I recommend using the Prep Agent software in conjunction with your state practice exam. The Prep Agent software offers a simulated practice exam experience for each state.


To access the Prep Agent free practice exam, visit this link then click on “Free Practice Exam”. Or click on the picture below. This will let you preview the test format of the real estate exam.


Accessing this free practice exam will allow you ten questions, but if you are interested in more you are free to purchase a full package. The more prepared you are for the real estate exam the better you will do. Duplicating the real estate exam experience really made a difference for me.



Prep Agent - Digital Real Estate Strategy

Example Real Estate Exam Questions?

Below are some example questions that come directly from the Prep Agent website and program. The Prep Agent website is an amazing, resource-packed website I recommend when it comes to real estate exam questions because it’s what I used.


When I was using the program, I thought the questions were exactly the same as the questions that were on the real estate exam.


It was not until after passing the real estate that I learned the questions were not the same. In fact, a few articles I've read online duplicating their question from the real estate exam is an illegal process.


See below for the video of some example Real Estate Exam Questions:



Down below you can click on the example question pictures to access some practice exam questions from Prep Agent. Try out these test questions and let me know how many you get correct. I will highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these practice questions and then once you are familiar with these questions, try investing in the entire package.


Prep Agent - Test Question

Knowing Right From Wrong On The Real Estate Exam

In the image below, you can see which answer is the correct one and which answer was incorrect. The pink highlight indicates that the answer initially selected was incorrect. The light green highlighted text shows the correct answer. Having this distinguishing process helps a long way in understanding which parts of the test you will need to work on.


Knowing When Right and Wrong - Prep Agent

Descriptions and Definitions

Unlike some real estate exam programs, Prep Agent gives you details and an explanation of why your answer was or was not correct. This goes a long way in helping you refine and prepare what you need to study for the real estate exam.

Instead of having to go back through an entire textbook or course, your definitions and descriptions are explained right within the program.
Personally, this was a big determinant to understand which parts of the test I needed to study up on.

Explanations - Prep Agent - Digital Real Estate Strategy


Real estate exam questions can be scary but if you familiarize yourself with the process and some example questions, the test no longer seems scary. Using the right tools can make a huge difference and having the right support. That's why I highly recommend this Prep Agent program mentioned a few times throughout this article.




Please comment below and let me know what you think. Let me know if there's a way I could help you. This website includes several articles on subjects to help you become a better Real Estate professional. With great preparation comes victory. Utilized the tools and information within this article and you are bound to succeed with passing your real estate exam. Go crush it!


Did you find this article useful? Please leave a comment below. And as always, let me know if there's a way I can help you. The people I can help and empower, the better.


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  1. Great information for the real estate exam. I wasn’t aware of the prep agent website so its great for me not to waste my time on tests that won’t be like anything I would see on the real exam. That’s often the problem lol. We have all these practice tests that often give a false sense of security and may even lead us in the wrong direction. how long would you recommend to study?

    • I recommend studying for 90 days or so. Try to get as much information in as once as you can, because much of the information will still be fresh when you are ready to take the exam. 

  2. hello Lewis,thoughtful of you to put up such a wonderful review on real estate exam questions this review will go a long way to helping does prospective persons seeking for jobs with real estate companies and you did quite an amazing job sharing these questions online and procedures to undertake them thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea,, I look forward to sharing it on my blog,

    • Evans, thank you for your comment. This is great to get positive feedback and understand that I am helping other by providing this information. Looking forward to you sharing the info with those you think will find it useful. 

  3. Trying to go for the real estate exams sometime but I need to know all about it before jumping straight into it. I’m happy you can give such awesome information concerning it. I heard that there are some tests that one can run before jumping in for it. Do you think I should try those demo tests and how long should I read for.

    • Henderson, thanks for your comment. I am glad it was helpful to you. that is my purpose of writing this article. To help people like you and provide some clarity on the process. And I do recommend the demo tests. I recommend the Prep Agent demonstration tests over any other tests, though. 

  4. Helo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educating piece on real estate exam questions. I so much agree with you that real estate exam questions can be scary but familiarizing oneself with the process and some example questions will indeed help. I have actually written some real estate exams which I didn’t really performed very well with which is why I am making more research on how I will perform better next time. Anyways thanks for recommending the Prep Agent program, I will give it a trial. 

    • I appreciate your comment, Sheddy. That’s excellent that you have written questions before. That’s pretty impressive. How did you get into something like that? 

      Also, you are welcome! Come back when you are ready for that trial. Hope to see you soon. 

  5. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Thanks for sharing such a timely information. Thid is indeed an awesome initiative, this will definitely help in a lot in common he preparation of my exams. Nevertheless, I would love to know if the questions are accumulation of previous year’s exams questions ?, Will be pleased to hear from you

    • You are very welcome! Really appreciate your comment and feedback. The questions are not an accumulation, but they are a simulation of the most relevant information available for the exam. Does that make sense? 


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