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If you are looking for a Philadelphia Real Estate Agent or Philadelphia Realtor to help you with your real estate buying or selling leads. If you apply these guidelines, your success is guaranteed in any real estate transaction you decide to enter into with a real estate agent or realtor. 

Choosing the right real estate agent can be overwhelming or underwhelming, depending upon how much you know about the home buying process. 

This article serves as a guideline for what you should look for when searching for a great Philadelphia Real Estate Agent.

We are talking about Philadelphia specifically, but this guide can apply to any Country, State, City, County, etc.


Communication skills. Great communication skills.

One of the most common problems among clients that said they had a bad experience with a realtor/real estate agent is communication. If you are in need of a real estate agent, it's essential that your agent communicates with you effectively. 

This does not mean that the real estate agent should be available any and every time you need them. If you're dealing with a good real estate agent, they're likely to have other clients and other priorities they must address. 

Understand that the good agents are often in-demand, which leads to them being occupied with other real estate transactions. However, this is not a ticket for your agent to not communicate with you effectively.  How To Find a Philadelphia Real Estate Agent - Communication

One key factor to consider here: Ask your agent what are the best times to reach them and what are the best methods of communication and this will help you avoid a lot of stress and worry. 

Without proper communication, you will not be aware of where you are headed during the real estate transaction. 

Buying or selling a home is a large financial investment and commitment. It will be the largest financial investment ever for many. 

Great communication is non-negotiable. 



Being dependable comes right in after communication because it is just as important as communication. What good is a real estate agent that you are not able to depend on? 

There will be crucial factors of your real estate buying or selling experience. Selecting a real estate agent you can depend on is essential to a smooth transaction. There's nothing like having the assurance of a dependable real estate agent. 

If you communicate an offer, suggestion, or request to a real estate agent that is not dependable the change of that message being lost grows with each communication dialogue. 

Be sure to deal with real estate agents that are dependable. It will not cost you any extra and it will save you stress, time, and headaches. 





Experience is important. You want your real estate agent to have experience or be backed by experience. Experience does not mean the agent must be of a certain age. Nor does it mean the agent cannot be a newer agent. 

The key factor here is being backed by experience. Here's an example: you have a newer agent that hasn't completed many transactions but he has a strong team behind him.

This makes this newer agent stronger than some of the more experienced agents because the agent can and will leverage the team's experience. 


Market AwarenessHow To Find a Philadelphia Real Estate Agent - Market Awareness

Real estate transactions can be complicated, but there are also some fundamentals to completing a real estate transaction. While it might be ideal to work with an agent that is hyperlocal to a specific area.

Being too demanding of market awareness can hinder your success to a successfully closed real estate deal. Market data can be researched in a matter of minutes with the right tools. Most real estate agents have access to the MLS

The MLS provides a significant amount of data for real estate agents to effectively gauge a market and the activity within that specific market. 

There's no better data source than the MLS for real estate transactions.

As long as your real estate agent has access to the MLS for your area, this should be something you are willing to be a little flexible. 


The real estate industry is fast-paced. Often times real estate agents will complete successful transactions and forget to ask their clients for reviews of their experience. 

Sometimes clients don’t have the time and may forget. 

And other times. Clients just outright refuse to leave reviews. 

An agent that has real estate reviews is great but chasing after reviews can become another high-stress duty for real estate agents so sometimes it’s better to just move one. 

If you are working with a real estate agent that doesn’t have many reviews, don’t fret. This is okay. What you can do in place of this is to ask your prospective agent to tell you about their last few transactions.  

These transactions should still be relatively fresh to the agent. Meaning they can give you good details about the experience since the transactions were recent. 

Do not be afraid to ask your agent for proof of successful transactions. 


Where To Search?

How to Find a Philadelphia Real Estate Agent - Where To Search

Although, you may have come across this guide online and through a search, one of the best ways to find a real estate agent is by asking your network.

Technology is alive and well, but word-of-mouth referrals are still alive and thriving.

This means asking your friends, family, and someone you know that have recently purchased or sold a home.


Your Agent Should Be Up-To-Date

Your real estate agent “must live in 2020.” This is important. 

There are some “old school” folks and businesses that are set in their ways. Things have always worked this way why change. This is okay for them, but this does not mean it's okay for you. 

You want to work with an agent that is flexible and aware of current times. How to Find a Philadelphia Real Estate Agent - Be Up To Date

If you are working with an agent that is too stubborn to adapt slightly to your commands, it will serve you better to find another agent. 

This does not mean that your agent must flock to all of your commands. But with today's times, technology, and ways of doing things it's important that you deal with a real estate agent that operates with current with the times.

Since this is a tech site, my suggestion is that you ask the agents what kind of tools and systems they use to take a real estate transaction from start to finish. 

Your real estate agent is part of YOUR team and its working for you. It will serve you best if you have a real estate agent that is using effective tools and processes.  

If you are in search of a Philadelphia real estate agent that can help you with your real estate concerns, feel free to contact me.

This article is constantly updated with new information. Let me know your thoughts on this article. Leave a comment below.

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