Pennsylvania Real Estate License Exam – 10 Tips to Pass!

Getting ready to take your Pennsylvania real estate exam? Getting your real estate license can be a bit daunting. In this article I'm going to talk about some tips that were useful to me and that helped me pass the Pennsylvania real estate license exam. I'm going to share the tips that help me personally and I'm going to share them in a way that's easy to understand. Please enjoy the article and provide any feedback and you may have. All comments and perspectives are welcome.Stressed Person - Jerome H. Lewis Jr


1. Practice.

“No kidding, Jerome.”

Listen, right: When it comes to taking the Pennsylvania real estate exam my favorite, the number one tip, is that you should practice. You should practice as if this were a real life test and exam. Go and find questions that are similar to the test that will be on the exam. There are several practice exams and test prep software. These practice exams and software can go a long way and help you imitate the real life test experience.

My personal favorite is the Prep Agent real estate exam prep program. The program can be used across any device in any platform without you having to install new applications.

A very close second that tends to cost a bit more but is worth it is real Estate Express. Real Estate Express is a full-blown real estate exam prep suite. With real Estate Express you have pre licensing post licensing.Jerome H. Lewis Jr - PA Real Estate Exam Practice Test - Writing

2. Mimic the test environment.

“How? What do you mean?”

Just because this is practice and preparation does not mean you shouldn't take this seriously. Do what you can to mimic the test environment.

This way when it's time for you to take your test, your brain and subconscious mind can instruct your body to be in test and concentration mode. This will help you full and block out any distractions as well. It is highly important to block out distractions and to focus on just the task at hand, which is passing your real estate exam successfully.

Here in Philadelphia when it was time to take the practice exam there were distractions allowed. The test administrators instructed us to lock away our devices and the only thing we were allowed to use was a calculator. This was very helpful because it allowed me to not be distracted by my mobile device.Mimic Test Environment - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

3. Be early.

“I’m a night person, though.”

Okay. Well check this out: What works for me and most anything I do, is to be early. Arrive early. Study early. Practice early. For me, early this morning. The best time in my experience is early morning. There's some data that proves that our will power dwindles throughout the day. I understand that the night owls may not like to hear this, but it is valid.

We are more productive during the earlier hours of our days. Additionally, morning is more productive because it is closer to the normal work hours of 9-to-5. Being early lets you get a jump on the day. So try to schedule your test early in the morning when your willpower is higher.

This is what worked for me. It took me three attempts to pass the Pennsylvania real estate exam. The best attempt was when I took the test early in the morning: I passed. The other times I failed. There is no right or wrong method but in my experience early is better. Try to be early!Be Early - Clock - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

4. DO NOT second-guess yourself.

“That’s kind of tough to do. What do you suggest?”

I mean: Don't second-guess self and don't second-guess your answers. When working through the test do not second-guess yourself. Give careful but precise consideration to your initial answer. Answer with confidence.

Test exams are psychological as well. When we start second-guessing ourselves our confidence takes a hit. Build momentum and build confidence by sticking with your initial response. Remember, we don't have to get all of the answers right anyhow.

5. Skip questions.

“What do you mean skip questions?”

Skip questions that you are unsure about. When going through the test you want to stay in a flow. So flow through the test answering all the questions you are confident about. Whatever jumps out and easy for you to answer knock 'em out. Complete these questions because they require less thinking than the questions we are unsure of.

6. Focus on yourself.

“But those people finished before me. I must be taking too long.”

When I took the real estate exam, I was in a room with several other applicants. Some applicants finish before me and some after me. Do not worry about how much time a person completes their test. It can be discouraging and distracting. You are here to pass YOUR test. Use as much time you need. It is likely you won't need more time than necessary if you prepare and use the tips suggested in this article. Get as much practice as you can and again don't be afraid to use exam prep programs. They can really help.Focus Digital Real Estate Strategy

7. Rest and sleep.

“I get enough sleep. I work like this everyday.”

Get plenty of rest and sleep. Try to get a full 8 hours asleep on the day before. You may not be accustomed to a full 8 hours but think about this as an investment for your future. invest 8 hours of sleep the night before. Right before the exam, arrive early so you can relax your body and mind before going into the exam room.

8. Eat Right.

“Really, Jerome? What does eating have to do with the test?!”

Eating gives your body energy. Some of us have not so great eating habits. And you may function on a regular day without eating correctly, but this day you should eat. Eat because it will give your body the nutrients, energy, and stimulants it needs to pass the exam. Taking a test is not an easy feat. Take this seriously by giving your body the energy it needs to succeed.Eat Right - Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Digital Real Estate Strategy

9. Practice.

“Practice again? Again? Come on now, Jerome. You already mentioned this one.”

I know. I know. But hear me out. You cannot practice too much. This is an investment in your future so treatit like an investment. Investing in yourself always pays off. Never be afraid to invest time or money into yourself and your own education. So get that practice in!

10. Go crush it.

“What if I am still not ready? Crush what, Jerome?”

Once again I'd recommend the Prep Agent exam prep program for practice. Check out this article to read my personal review on the Prep Agent program.

Now, crush what, right? The exam! That's it for now. Those are some of my favorite tips. These tips work for me and I'm hoping they can work for you as well. If you have any friends that you know that could benefit from this article please share it.

Did you find this article helpful? Please comment below. How well are you doing on your path to becoming a licensed real estate agent? Comment below.

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