Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam – Test Preparation

I passed my Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam.


Just sharing what tools, tips, and philosophies that helped me to pass the best.


I originally created a YouTube Video talking a little about my experience, but I'm writing this blog for others that might be searching for some guidance to pass their real estate exam as well.


Below is the video I talked about. Ignore the fact that I was not looking at the camera.


This was way before I learned how to effectively use social video.


If you want to laugh at me, feel free. I can take it. I have tough skin. LOL.

Real Estate Education Course Training


When researching and studying for your real estate license, the amount of information online can be overwhelming. It can be overwhelming and tricky navigating through the vast sea of information.


Many real estate schools will offer and promise different results.


You can succeed and just about all of them, so if there is one you already have in mind, it may be best to just stick to that one.


Nonetheless, I'll still recommend Real Estate Express as my favorite. If you are interested, you can click on the link here or click on the picture to the right.


Preparing For The Exam – Prep Agent


Passing the schooling was one part of becoming licensed. And after you pass the tests for these phases of class, you are then surprised with most people call the “Exam Prep” phase.


This is the phase where you get ready to take the official state and national exams to become a licensed real estate agent.

I wasn't ready for this part, likely because of my own fault.


When going through the online schooling, I did not pay too much attention to the process. I was mostly concerned with learning and memorizing the material. Prep Agent Dashboard - Facebook For Realtors - Jerome H. Lewis Jr

Thankfully, I did some research and was able to find Prep Agent Exam Prep.


The Prep Agent Program was very helpful in helping me come up with a method to pass the test!


To the right of this paragraph is a snapshot of what you can get from Prep Agent Exam Prep Access. Click the image to the right to check out the program.


AFTER You Pass


Just wanted to get some tips on what happens when you pass the test. Here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: I was contacted by several real estate brokers.


Not exactly sure how they got my information but I received numerous phone calls, emails, voicemail, and even text messages from Real Estate recruiters looking to bring me on to their brokerage.


My advice during this phase, is to research different brokers. Each broker will have different pros and cons associated with them.


Choosing A Broker


Working IN Your Real Estate Business or Working ON Your Real Estate BusinessJerome H. Lewis Jr - Cashflow Quadrant

By the time I reached this phase, I have already done my research on which real estate brokerage I would choose, so this part was not overwhelming to me. This was just a matter of time and signing paperwork.


The broker that I had chosen was eXp Realty. I had chosen this real estate broker because, I was interested in building a business, not being a real estate sales agent. What I mean by that is that I wanted my real estate license to be an accessory to my real estate investing career.


To me, an agent is interested in just being a real estate salesperson, and never thought about building an actual real estate business that could eventually work without them. It is the difference between working in your business and working on your business.


eXp Realty provides the tools for you to do either, but thanks to me learning about the Cash-Flow Quadrant, I have always been interested in being on the right side of that quadrant.


Research / Try Before You Buy

Please be sure to research all brokerages before choosing. A common mistake I see is that newly licensed real estate agents join a broker and do not get full support.


This leads to them jumping brokers early and often, causing them trouble to ever their real estate business started.Jerome H. Lewis Jr - eXp Realty - Core Values

Please, please, please do as much research as you can before joining a broker. The reason I'm saying this is that many real estate brokers and real estate recruiters will promise the world.


They will promise you leads. They'll promise you success, they'll promise you mentorship, they'll promise you office space. You'll even be promised success. You'll be promised so much. It is rare that these promises are kept.


As in all things, as an individual you must do your part and you must do your work, but do not be trick by all the promises that real estate brokers and real estate recruiters we'll talk about.


I'm not exactly sure how many other real estate brokerages allow you to try their company before you need to learn commitment, but our does!


If you are interested, feel free to reach out to me so we can have a conversation. Our team is full of real estate investor agents, meaning we like to focus on the business and investing aspects of real estate.


You can do a little research on our real estate brokerage by clicking on this link or scheduling a call with me at this link.


Or you can click on either picture below.

Jerome H. Lewis Jr - eXp Realty Logo

Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Schedule Phone Call

What's the use of the real estate licensing process are you in? Was this article helpful? Please comment below with feedback, questions, or comments. Do you have any advice or tips yourself?


I'd love to hear from you. You never know who else could benefit from your perspective or you are advice.


To learn even more about Prep Agent, you can visit this link for my review of the software. I went into a lot more detail here to explain my personal experience using the software.


Best of luck and see you next time!


PS. If you are interested in using Prep Agent to help you pass your test, click here.

Jerome Lewis

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam – Test Preparation”

  1. Jerome,

    Congratulations on passing the real estate exam! That’s a great accomplishment. I had a relative that just passed as well, and it was a tough test. I always thought about how the process was to be a licensed real estate agent, and your article provided some great tips. I’m a fan of doing research before going into anything, so I’m glad you mentioned that. Thank you for your article!

    • Robert, Thank you for the comment and compliment. I really appreciate it. Congrats to your relative, because this test can be tough! I’m glad you found the article helpful. If you know of anyone thinking about getting their real estate license, feel free to share the article with them. 

      Thanks so much again, Robert! 

  2. Hi Jerome,  Thanks for the “heads up” about how the Realtors over promise.  This happens so much in many fields and I find it extremely annoying and actually find it dishonest.  Not a great way to start a business relationship.  Congrats on passing the exam.  I’m curious as to what is happening in the Real Estate Market in Pennsylvania?  Has it plummeted due to Corona Virus?  Look forward to your reply.  Cheers

    • You are very welcome, Jill. You comment is appreciated. “Brokers” are the ones that will make you so many promises. Also, in our market, the Corana Virus aftermath has initiated a demand for housing and renting. So that’s a good thing! 


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