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If you are curious about how Kapwing works as an image creator, video editor, and meme-making tool, and what it can do to improve your content creation strategy, look no further than my Kapwing Review.


Kapwing? Ka-what? KA-PWING!

Below you can get the brief backstory on the pronunciation, history, and origination of the name. Personally I love the name and its history.

What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is an online image and video editing platform. Kapwing enables its users to quickly create and recreate internet memes, videos, pictures, and other forms of digital media.


Check out this Kapwing Video tutorial I did with my real estate partner and friend Paula Aponte at eXp Realty.



Kapwing Review - Pros

Online Video and Media Editor

One of my favorite things about this online web app is that you do not need any extra software or app installed on your device.


You can use Kapwing directly from any internet browser. This makes the tool extremely agile because it saves you lots of time and resources.


Using the app requires no extra software, no extra apps, no extra installs, and no extra downloads. You can do everything within your browser online. This is extremely powerful because it is not platform dependent.


This means Android users, iOS users, Mac Users, PC users, Chromebook users can all utilize the same exact tool and also collaborate on the same projects.

Built-In Powerful Video Editor

Kapwing has a built-in video editor that is very powerful.


One of my favorite things about the video editor is that you can pull a video from just about any website as long as you have the public link.


This feature alone saves you lots of time and frustration. It eliminates many steps within the content creation process.


Previously, depending on what your process is, you would have to walk through a process similar to this one:

  • find a way to download the media file
  • find a way to upload the media file to
  • edit the media file
  • download the edited media file
  • upload the media file to the desired location/platform


Kapwing eliminates this multi-step process with the simple implementation of copy and pasting a public video link into the software so that once you paste the link, a multitude of these steps are eliminated.

Kapwing Review Media Editor Samples by Jerome Lewis

Online Workspace

Kapwing has an online workspace.  This means all your projects are stored in the cloud, not your personal device.


This saves you a ton of storage, time, resources, and stress.  Some benefits of online  of the online workspace would be:

  • Easily share projects for collaboration
    • You can easily share your projects with others, including teammates and partners. When you share, they can edit, modify, update the project accordingly. All within the online platform and the changes will take place immediately.


  • No storage space needed on your personal devices
    • You will not need extra storage on your personal and local devices. This means you don’t have to worry about trying to remember which computer a project may have been on deleting excess files.


  • Access your projects from anywhere and any device
    • Your projects are stored in the cloud. This means that wherever you have internet access, you can download, edit, and update your projects, memes, videos, picture, etc.


  • Efficient organization of files and projects
    • The workplace and file storing system aren’t complicated. Everything is stored in the cloud once uploaded and you do not have to scramble for your original media resources.


  • Quick access
    • Accessing Kapwing and your projects within it are easy-to-do. All you need to do is log in to your account and all your projects are available immediately.


  • And much more…

Free Video Editor Without Watermarks

One of the most exciting things about this application is that it is FREE. Free? Yes. Kapwing is a completely free app.


Usually, when a video editor app is free, they will impose their own branding, logos, and watermarks on your projects. You don’t need to worry about this with Kapwing.


Here is one of my favorite video-memes I was able to create, with Kapwing doing all the heavy lifting.


Pricing Plans

Kapwing does have a Premium upgrade option, but I highly recommend you try the free version first.


You may not need to upgrade to the Pro options for quite some time.


For most of my personal content, I have been using the free option of Kapwing.


The Pro plan does offer some amazing benefits that power users will find extremely helpful and useful, however, many users may not need access to the full power of the Pro upgrade, initially.


Below, I used Kapwing to create an image showcasing the benefits of both:


See below.



Free Video Subtitles

Add subtitles to video for free! Kapwing offers free auto-generated subtitles for your video content.


Once you upload a video file,  Kapwing can auto-generate subtitles for your video.

You can edit and customize the subtitles however you wish. This feature is very valuable because subtitles increase the users’ watch time for video content.


There's lots of data available that proves the effectiveness of subtitles. This one feature alone sets Kapwing above even paid video editors.


If you understood the power of subtitles and how complex they could become,  it would blow your mind that Kapwing offers this feature for FREE!


Below is a video the Kapwing staff made using the subtitler tool in Kapwing.


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Up-to-Date Resources And Tutorials

Another major benefit of Kapwing is the community.  Kapwing has a community that contributes consistently.


The community constantly creates and updates material that provides tips,  tricks,  and strategies for using the tool successfully.


This is great because tutorials and contributions aren't limited to just staff members.


You can become part of the community and contribute.  This means the possibility for thousands upon thousands of ideas to creatively and effectively use the tool.


The resource library is updated constantly with all types of new content. Below are a few examples of content modules:

  • How to Embed Videos in Google Slides
  • Online Wallpaper Maker
  • How to Make Memes Online
  • Finding Meme Templates
  • How to Edit Tik Tok Videos
  • How to Create YouTube Thumbnails
  • How to Remove Backgrounds from Images
  • and more…

Kapwing Review | Kapwing Resources


Kapwing offers a ton of templates for you to access. Easily and efficiently duplicate work when needed. Having access to these templates will save you time.


It will eliminate extraneous work and steps when editing and creating media files and content. This way you can be more focused on creativity and production rather than tedious and nonproductive work.


Available are templates including but limited to Instagram Story templates, meme templates, video templates, and collage templates.


Easy, Fast, and Efficient Sign-Up and Sign-In

It's easy to signup and sign in with Kapwing. you are not required to provide an email address. Kapwing requires you to easily sign in with oAuth via Google or Facebook.


Link your accounts and you’re ready to go! Registrations for sites can be frustrating when you want to get right to work. Having to remember registration logins and passwords.


This will save you time and frustration because you will not need to:

  • Fill out long and annoying registration forms
  • Give your email address to another sight.
  • Verify an email address.
  • Create ANOTHER new password.
    • (Way too many sites require complex passwords that we can barely remember.)
  • Give away your phone number.
  • Be tricked into “subscribing” to a new email subscription.

If you are someone that focuses on productivity and efficiency, you’ll appreciate the list above, because it will save you lots of time and frustration.


Kapwing Review - Cons

No Search Feature

Despite all of the amazing tools and features Kapwing provides! There is one thing that sticks out: There is no search feature.


The Kapwing team is working on implementing a search feature. In the meantime, to utilize searching the site correctly for templates you will have to use Google to search for certain things.


If I am looking for the template Brady Bunch Family Template so I can create a meme. There’s no immediate way for me to find it within Kapwing. I have to use Google in conjunction with keywords of the meme or resource I want, as well as using Kapwing as a keyword.

Here is how I was able to find the Brady Bunch Meme Template:

Glitchy and Buggy

While editing documents for this article, in live time, Kapwing gave me a few issues with loading images and using certain features.


This is the one other issue that comes up with Kapwing from time-to-time. Since I am familiar with tech, I come up with ways to surpass these issues. Generally, Kapwing works great, but as with most tech: When it's not working, it's not working.


This is an inevitable part of generally all tech, so I don't fault Kapwing entirely. However, this is something that should be mentioned for those reviewing Kapwing as a tool for their business and content creation strategies.


Frequent Downtime

Sometimes the website goes down and just simply won't work. This can cause issues when you are trying to create and produce content.


If you are planning on creating content, be sure to plan way ahead so you don't encounter any issues.



ConclusionKapwing Review Rating by Jerome Lewis

Kapwing is an amazing tool and personally, it’s hard for me to find many flaws with it.


No product is perfect and without flaws and I have to admit that Kapwing is close to being a perfect product.


Remember much of what you get with Kapwing will not require you to whip out your credit card or debit card to pay for extra “add-ons” and “premium” features.



P.S. I have personally asked some of the staff at Kapwing: “How can you provide all this value for free?”


What’s the answer? I forgot!


But upon doing the necessary research to write this article/blog, I was able to gain some clarity on how and why it’s possible.


Kapwing is driven at the helm by two amazing founders in Julia Enthoven and Eric Lu.


Julia and Eric, thanks to you both, for the amazing work you are doing with Kapwing.


Comment below your experience with online tools and editors. Do you recommend another tool instead of Kapwing?




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User Experience





  • Free
  • Video Editor
  • No Watermarks
  • Online Workspaces
  • Templates


  • No Search Feature
  • Occasionally "Glitchy" and "Buggy"

15 thoughts on “Kapwing [For Real Estate]”

  1. Hello Jerome. Thank you for taking out your time to share this review of Kapwing. The name sounds truly interesting. I love making videos and editing memes too. I love that Kapwing has all of these and more integrated into a single system.

    I love that most of the features are free. One feature that I love mostly is the ability to pull video from anywhere provided I have the public link. The fact that it is cloud based is also cool as I’d save everything in the cloud so I won’t worry about my videos occupying space in my PC.

    • Tush, you are welcome. Thank you for reviewing. And thank you for your thorough comment. Videos and memes are a natural part of our culture these days. Kapwing really is a one stop shop for many things. 

      Lots of it is free, and like you said, it is extremely helpful that you can pull a video link from just about anywhere. This helps save so much time and stress as a content creator / meme editor. And! As you stated, there’s not need to occupy space on your PC, because everything is installed in the cloud! 

  2. hello, I was reading over your article, I didn’t  really understand the title  “KAPWING REVIEW, But I continue reading, I was amaze to find out that this is an online image and video editing platform. Very Amazing. Your out line and pictures where great. You made it very easy to read and interesting. You also mention all the pro’s and con’s. In this article, kapwing you did not leave anything out awesome work. 

    • Very glad you continued to read and found the article helpful, Caroline! Kapwing is a very interesting name. The app itself is steadily working its way to becoming my favorite tool to use for just about all my media edits, memes, videos, etc. 

  3. Helooo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and unbaised review on kapwing .. I actually stumbled on your site which I must say is really amazing. I never really knew anything called kapwing, I really find it fascinating it features are are so mind blowing.. Anyways I have think I am going to recommend it to some of my friends.. 

  4. Thanks for sharing the review of KAPWING and it’s cool features. I especially enjoyed that you shared the history and correct way to pronounce it! 

    I hadn’t heard of this particular tool but I can already see where it would come in handy for Digital Real Estate and with non-business related projects as well (so many memes!!). Hope they can work out the handful of kinks and glitches soon!

    • You are very welcome! The history is one of my favorite things about the tool. I can be a perfectionist sometimes, so I need to be sure I afford people the opportunity to get the name right, because I would like that opportunity myself. 

      Thanks for your comments, Aly! Appreciate it! Please come back! And if you decide to make some memes, please do share! 

  5. With Kapwing you can indulge yourself and let out all the creativity and innovations that are in you, creating memes, animated images, forming different videos, and then combining them in a loop, attaching the music you like as background and much more. Once you create a video and edit, you can quickly upload it to your social media networks, whether it is YouTube, Facebook, and others so that you can instantly share it with your audience. Thanks for this great review.

    • Mugalu! Sounds like you know Kapwing in and out! Glad you came here to share your experience! I really appreciate it! I’m sure the other readers will appreciate it as well! 

  6. Nice review on Kapwing. I recently started learning how to use wordpress cos i have this interest in it and i have been looking for the perfect media online editor. I like the fact that it is also a video editor and it can add automatic subtitles to videos. It has a lot of amazing features.Normally i use pixlr but i think i will be making a change.

  7. Hi Jerome, This is an amazing review that you’ve got here. No doubt kapwing is an amazing tool that has a lot of benefit for content creation. However, I’m more familiar with bitable which is very similar to kapwing. It has same features as kapwing and a esay to use interface, I would like to give kapwing a try, although I only use bitable once in a while because I use after effects and Adobe premiere for most of my work. I do use web apps for when I’m on the go and need to quickly tweak a video. I’d definitely give kapwing a try.

    • StevieJohn, Thanks for your comment! I have heard about Bitable. Maybe I will do a review on it and try it for myself. 

  8. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this thorough and well written review with us here. I couldn’t agree with ou more. Kapwing is just amazing. I once used it to send my sister her wedding video and it was perfect. It is really fun, easy to use with lots of other fascinating features to play with. I highly recommend this app its of good value for the price. 


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