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  1. I chose this website because it is unusual. My interest in creating logos quickly transferred to another post on the website “How to invest in Real Estate With Little Money”. Since I am in the process of purchasing a house, I wanted to view this post on real estate. It was interesting to see how it was linked to other websites such as wikipedia. I would suggest though that you go through all the links to ensure that all of them are opening to relevant pages. I would also recommend that the links open up on a new page rather that the same page.

    The website in general is loaded with pertinent information about real estate and how to invest in real estate successfully. I especially like the investor carrot review especially since that was something new to me. Your use of practical examples and pictures also enhance the website. 

    I like it.


  2. The article is short and to the point, and the tutorial very easy to follow. Initially, I thought it would be just creating Real Estate Logos but watching the tutorial I realized I could cereate logos for other topics also just as easily. It is definitely an option worth investing in.  Very well done.

  3. I’ve used Canva for months, primarily to design Pinterest Pins and ebook covers. I never thought of it as a tool to make a logo, but it makes sense. Canva has a simple interface and is easy to use. You don’t need to be a techie to use it. 

    I haven’t used the paid version yet as the basic version has fulfilled my needs so far, but I might eventually have to upgrade down the road.

    The tutorial was very illustrative. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! I love Canva. I have heard about it for quite some time, but I had never taken a deep dive into it. I am getting into it lately and I am really loving how it works!

      How often do you use Canva?

  4. Been looking for something like this for a while now, this post is very timely. I like the fact that you went straight to the point and didn’t waste time to mince words or all of that which is very good. I think I would give canva a try. I have seen a number of their ads before and I can say that they really do work well so yes thanks for giving the guideline to follow on your website here through the video.


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