Fortune Builders Mastery Review

Is Fortune Builders a Scam or legit?

If you are reading this article, you are here because you looked for “Fortune Builders Scam” or some variation of that online. In this article, I'll talk about the Fortune Builders real estate investing program. I'll give a review on the program and a little of what it offers. If you are not interested in reading this entire article: the quick and dirty answer is NO.

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The longer more detailed answer will be explained throughout the rest of this article. Fortune Builders is not a scam. Fortune Builders is an excellent real estate investing program for those that are willing to invest in the program, but there are some alternatives that might work out better and cost less.

I personally think there are some better programs available for cheaper, and give you more “bang for your buck.” Let's talk about the Fortune Builders real estate investment program in this article. That way even if you decide to go through with the Fortune Builders program you understand the risks that are involved.

The Way This Thing Usually Works

The Weekend Bootcamp Upsell

You are being put through a sales funnel, basically: You're invited to a free seminar where you are provided a ton of valid, valuable, and relevant information regarding real estate investing by one of Fortune Builders salespersons. This information is very relevant and very true, although not it may not be specific to your real estate market. But keep in mind, the objective of the salesperson is to get you excited about the program.

They might even resort to high pressure sales tactics. (Hopefully this situation was specific to me only and is not a regular occurrence.)

After this Workshop, you are offered the option to upgrade to the weekend boot camp which includes even more information. Except this time there is a nominal fee of $99 or so. Personally, I think this fee is also worth every penny.

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Mastery Program – Worth the Money?

Yes, but…

Coaching and Support Program


At the end of this weekend Workshop AKA Bootcamp you are then offered what is call the Mastery Program. This Mastery Program is offered upwards of $20,000 – $40,000. I am on the board of directors for a local real estate investment organization in my market and I have personally asked several people. I have heard different prices for the program but the range is accurate.

The Fortune Builders Mastery Program offers you tools and resources like:

  • Coaching and Support
  • Training Implementation
  • Tools
  • Marketing Systems
  • Technology
  • and much more

Once again, all of this for $20,000 – $40,000.

Still, not a bad price, considering the amount of money you can make in the real estate investing business. Just ONE deal could cover your expenses if executed correctly.

The purpose of these tools are to help you succeed within the real estate investing business. Although you can find a lot of these tools yourself online for a lot cheaper and some even free, there's a benefit to paying for a program like Fortune Builders because they give you just about everything you need without you having to search for it.

The Big But…

“But what, Jerome?”

But… I think there are better ways to spend your money.

There are other programs and methods I suggest you try before paying for the Fortune Builders Mastery class. At the end of the article, I recommend a coaching program that will save you 50% of your money or more while providing you with similar education, tools, and resources.

This takes nothing away from the Fortune Builders Mastery Program but I personally think you can get more bang for your buck by utilizing other methods.

Thinking Lightbulb

Join a REIA – Real Estate Investment Association

Networking - REIA

What is a REIA?

A real estate investment Association is an organization of Real Estate Investors that come together and support each other within the real estate investing business.

These associations provide networking opportunities, educational events, masterminds, and other real estate investing opportunities. Local REIAs come packed with a lot of opportunity and they are often less expensive than paying for a full package coaching program like the Fortune Builders Mastery program.

A simple Google search could reveal REIAs for your designated market. This is also a good place to reach out to and ask other investors for their perspective on coaching programs like Fortune Builders. In fact, within the Fortune Builders course it is recommended that you join a REIA to support your real estate investing journey.

These REIAs regularly bring in real estate experts that also offer real estate mentorship and coaching programs. Without even signing up for the coaching and mentoring programs, you can find an investor here and partner up with them to do real estate deals.

Partner Up By Offering VALUE

Handshake - Add value

Joining these local estate investment associations, you can find business partners. Business partners can last by transaction, for a few years, or even a lifetime.

The possibilities are endless. Here is what I would do:

If you are serious about investing in real estate or starting a real estate investing business, find an experienced investor and provide that investor VALUE. Ask investors what they might need within their business or life? How can you provide value?


  • You are great with computers and the real estate investor does not like technology. Offer your services in exchange for their mentorship and experience.
  • An investor is working out a deal and may need a funding partner. Offer to fund the deal and work out a way to structure some profits from the real estate deal for you both.
  • The real estate investor is interested in a real estate investing course that the REIA is offering. Purchase the course for the investor.

These are all things that leave an impression upon people.

Bonus tip:

Stop offering to take real estate investors mentors to lunch:

You often hear that taking real estate investors out to lunch is a good way to offer value. This was something I heard when attending one of the Fortune Builders workshops. This is a false and outdated method. Please do not do this.

Read Real Estate Investing Books

Real Estate Education Books

“Nobody reads books anymore. Are you kidding me?”

Not at all. Yes. Take time and actually read some books! There are thousands of real estate investing books available. Real estate investing is a diverse industry and there are many ways to invest. Some of my favorites are:

  • The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Building Wealth One House at a Time: Making it Big on Little Deals

There are endless books available.

“Everything you listed sounds like it will take a lot time.”  

Absolutely! Any and all investments require time or money. Remember, this is real estate INVESTING. Emphasis on INVESTING. If you want to succeed, you have to invest time or money.


Fortune Builders Mastery is a good program, but your money will stretch further using other programs.

How To Choose Best Real Estate Mentor Image

If you are a person that decided you would rather invest the money in the Fortune Builders Mastery program, I honestly do recommend it. Just understand that you are making a high stake investment. Understand your investment will take time, money, effort, and hard work.

Luckily, you will have a mentor along the  way to help you close a deal! The first deal is normally the toughest deal! Having a mentor will make a huge contribution to your success.
You can read my upcoming article on how to properly choose a real estate mentor.

And if you are truly committed to investing in a real estate investor mentor, invest a few minutes into reading this article from Property M.O.B. Then check out their 12 Week Bad Ass Wholesale Mentoring Program. The program costs a lot less than the Fortune Builders Mastery program we discussed in this article while offering similar tools and resources, but includes more hands-on mentorship.

Go Crush It

I appreciate you reading this article. My reason for writing this article is to help. If I can help one person reach success, I am happy. Please comment any thoughts or questions you may have below.

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