Facebook Leads For Realtors – Lead Generation Fundamentals

Do Facebook leads for realtors really work? I'm going to talk about how Facebook leads work and if they can be effective in your business. Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook Website Displayed

What is a Facebook lead?

Broadly defined, a lead is a person or organization that shows interest in a service or product that you are selling.

As realtors, we are selling services, and some will say we're selling products as well.

So a Facebook lead, is the exact same thing, but this person or organization comes through Facebook's website, or app.

Buyer Leads

These are normally people looking to purchase / buy a home. Within our real estate industry, it’s said that these are the easiest leads to generate.

Seller / listing leads

These are people looking to sell a home. Normally these people already own a home. They are looking to move to another house. Sometimes they are looking for a bigger house, and sometimes they are looking for a smaller house.

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Renter / lease leads

These are prospects looking to lease or rent their next please.

When you help these types of prospects, they are good to convert into buyer leads. In most cases, the amount of rent they're paying, can be applied towards their own personal mortgage.

You just simply have to educate them and nurture them on the home buying process.

Ways of Generating Facebook Leads

There are two ways that you can go about generating these leads.


  • You generate these leads for free by just using social media and natrually attracting business, but showcasing what value Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook Logo Icon Philadelphiayou provide as a realtor.
  • This would be considered as “attraction marketing.”


  • You generate these leads by using Facebooks ad center.
  • With these leads you can specify people with specific behaviors and interests, such as real estate, “house hunting,” “DIY,” “Zillow,” or specific behaviors like “video watch time,” “Facebook use time,” etc. You get the idea.

Agree? Disagree? Informative? Useless? What are your thoughts? Does this give you a better understanding on how Facebook leads work? Comment your thoughts below?

As always, see you next time!


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