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In this article we’re going to talk about some fundamentals for setting yourself up for success with Facebook as a realtor and building a trusted Facebook presence so your prospects are more willing to choose you as their realtor. There are some critical elements to setting yourself successfully as a realtor on Facebook. Let's talk about some of those points in this article:

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Set up your Facebook Profile correctly as a Realtor

As a realtor on Facebook, there are two profile types you’ll want to utilize. You have a personal Facebook profile and then you have a Facebook business profile.Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Facebook Pins - MillennialAF - Philadelphia - eXp Realty As a real estate professional, realtor, or real estate agent this profile is a must establish your online and business presence since Facebook does not allow users to create a business page without a person profile.

Facebook and social media helps build trust

One thing some of use as real estate professionals forget, is that, just like ourselves, prospects will do research online before making buying decisions.

As a realtor, the purpose for creating a personal profile is because people like to connect with people! People identify with other people. In the realm of

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social media and Facebook, you have to establish yourself as human and person, as opposed to a faceless business or storefront.

Customers, prospects, and clients, will not trust you if they cannot see you as a person. Gone are the days where people go online and social media to search for a specific brand such as your brokerage. We are craving and desiring human connection more than ever.

You Get  A Free Facebook Business Profile

One of the benefits of Realtors using Facebook is that you get your own Facebook business profile. This Facebook business establishes a digital footprint for you and your business as a realtor. Many clients and prospects browse social media. As so, sometimes customer stay directly within the Facebook platform to do a search on something they are interested in.

Example: A prospect is on Facebook, and they're curious about an ad that they just saw or swiped past earlier that day, regarding buying a home. This prospect could then search Facebook, for a home / realtor in there desired market. And if you have a digital presence here, you are likely to come up in those search results. It's free (digital) real estate!

You Can Use Pre-Recorded Video and Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video:
Facebook, has a built-in Facebook Live Video feature. Facebook Live Video, attract lots of digital attention. Facebook has a complicated algorithm system, and using Facebook Live Video supersedes this algorithm. That being said, when you're using Facebook Live Video Facebook will promote your live video more than other content such as static text, and images. Facebook prioritizes Live Video because it gives the users a humanized experience within their platform. Live Video is the way to go. Give it a shot!

Pre-Recorded Video:Jerome H Lewis Jr - Social Media - Video - Philadelphia
If you are a little too camera shy for Facebook Live Video, you can use pre-recorded upload those as well. As a realtor, the top reason you want use video within Facebook or any social media platform, is because video expedites trustworthiness. As realtors, and real estate professionals, there is a nurturing process that take our prospects through in order to help them buy or sell a home. Video helps with this process because it communicates body language, tonality, helps you appear more real, and allows you to make eye contact with your prospects,  without actually physically being there.

Why Would I Mix My Personal Life and Business Life?

“Should I mix my personal and professional life/profiles?” 
Many Realtors ask this question. In my humble opinion, the answer is YES. Why? Jerome H. Lewis Jr - Do Something Great - Philadelphia - Millennial AFBecause, now, more than ever, clients and prospects are looking to connect with people. People they know. Facebook and social media can help people get to know you. People are are looking to connect with people they like. Social media can help people like you before even meeting you. People want to connect with other humans, people that are authentic, people that they can relate to. Notice the key word here is people. We are in a people business! We are helping people with one of the largest financial decisions ever.

You Get To Be Authentic. You Get To Be Human

Beneath your realtor title, You're a a human, with authentic human experiences, emotions, friends, etc.

You you are business owner. Be mindful that you are a ultimately still a person running a real estate business.  Prospects will want to connect with the person behind the brand. Not the brand. Think about it: How many clients do you know that wanted to buy a house or sell the house simply because it was a specific brokerage name, such as eXp Realty, Keller Williams, RE/MAX? It's unlikely.

Those names are a bunch of gibberish to clients and prospects. These names only mean as much as they do to us realtors. Several of my realtor friends and associates have verified that clients do not care what brand they are with. Therefore do not get caught up in brokerage names. Become a person behind your brand. Become a person behind your real estate business. Become a person behind your online presence.Jerome H. Lewis Jr, silly face

Share personal information, not private information.

Understand the difference between personal and private. You do not have to share your private life. But it's almost a must that you share some of your personal life and personal lifestyle. Be authentic. Be you. Be a person. That's the common here. This is the purpose of social media. You want to be social. You want to interact, and you want to be a human. This is who clients and prospects connect and identify with most. They connect with the human behind the brand.

So go out and make your Facebook profile and Facebook business page! Utilize both, and let your real estate business grow and prosper.

I'll catch you soon! On the next video! On the next article!

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