Facebook For Realtors 2020 – 5 Informative Tips for Facebook Realtors

Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users. It's the year 2020 and since Facebook is constantly changing it's social media algorithms for businesses, this also affects realtors and real estate agents. Let's talk about some things that still work for realtors to gain business from Facebook in the year 2020.

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Be Present

Be Present. Have a presence on your Facebook profile. And any other social media profiles that you. Come In We're Open - Facebook For Realtors

There's nothing like coming across a dead social media profile.

It's 2020, and having an online presence and social media presence is more important than ever.

If you are not present, most clients and prospects will move on to the next realtor.

Be Active

Be active. Show activity on your Facebook profile.

Show recent and relative content on your social media profile.

Within Facebook there are two basic profile types that you should think about using, as a realtor. Be Active Photo - Facebook For Realtors

There is a personal profile, damn the business page.

You should show activity on both of these pages. That activity should be relative to your business as a realtor.

A good rule of thumb for your personal profile is 80/20. 80% personal content and 20% real estate related content.

On your business page, you can be more business oriented. Here he probably went about 80% business and 10% personal.

Be Human

When people are on social media, they are expecting to connect with other people. Be Human - Facebook For Realtors - Jerome Lewis

So, while you may be a real estate professional, there isn't really a need for you to announce this in every post.

Think about it, just about every realtor can provide the same service to a client. What differentiates you?

Maybe it's a work ethic, but a work ethic can be matched.

What can't be matched? You can't be matched.

No one can be you like you can be you.

This can be a disadvantage, but in most cases, as long as you are professional, this is a huge advantage.

Build A Personal Brand

Have a personal brand. That means, people need to know who you are as a brand. I'm sure you left your broker and your broker loves you. But our clients don't about the brokerage as much as we do. Jerome Lewis Jr - Facebook For Realtors - Headshot

What prospect and clients care about more, is the service that they will receive from you and the person they'll be dealing with during this process.

Additionally, if you switch real estate brokerages, you can carry your personal brand with you anywhere you go.

Personal brands are essential in today's days and times.

Be Authentic / Be A REALtor

Be authentic. This means be real. This means don't fake it 'til you make it.

Don't fake like you've done more deals than you've done. Be real.

Share and talk about things that you care about and it will help people naturally gravitate toward you.

Doing this will allow you to be a natural and comfortable. It shows you are trustworthy and a human being.

Do you use Facebook to attract clients for your real estate business? What is your success like it or is it overwhelming? Comment and let me know what you think and how I can help.


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