Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads

Facebook Boosting and Facebook Ads are the same but different.

They’re different but the same. 

What?? That does not even make sense, right? 

Yes but no. 

Check out the video or read further to understand boosting on Facebook.

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads YouTube Video

This is a detailed video that will show you the differences between boosting a post vs. Facebook Ads.



By the end of this video, you should understand the following on Facebook Ads and Facebook Boosting:

  • What is a Facebook boost post
  • How does Facebook boosting work
  • When boosting Facebook posts is appropriate
  • Facebook Ads and Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Management: Need Help With Facebook Ads?

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Now back to the regularly scheduled content

Facebook Boosted Post

A Facebook boosted post is a post on your Facebook Page’s timeline “boosted” by money.  That means that the post is original but it will reach more people based upon the dollar amount that you put into it. 

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads Jerome Lewis Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Philadelphia

Boosting a Facebook post is a very, very, very simple way to advertise but it is not the most effective. And although it is considered an ad there are more effective ways to advertise on Facebook.

When boosting a Facebook post,  you're allowed to choose 

  • who you want to reach
  • your maximum budget
  • and the duration of your boost

You can only boost posts from a Facebook Business Page. You can’t boost posts from your Facebook profile. 

When you post to Facebook from your Facebook Business page, your reach is limited. Pay attention to business pages and you will notice that most times there is not much interaction and engagement.

This is because Facebook wants you to spend money on Advertising. And it's also because Facebook wants to encourage human and social interaction more than business.  

Your Facebook Profile posts organically generate more engagement -- and do not require you to boost or advertise. 

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads Jerome Lewis Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Philadelphia Facebook Boost Definition

When Is Boosting Facebook Posts Okay?

Boosts are okay in some very limited circumstances. But only because it is simple and easy to do. Facebook Boosts are one of the first ads you will see. By boosting a post, the primary objective is to increase engagement on the original post. 

If your objective is to increase engagement on one of your posts, encourage more Facebook Page Likes, Comments, and/or Post shares, then boosting is okay in these instances. However, just because boosting is okay, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution. It’s simple but it’s not ideal. 

If you run a business or you have other advertising or marketing objectives, you will be much better off using the Facebook Ad Manager. 


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are generated using the Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook Ads allow you to do more advanced customization. With Facebook Ads, you get more advertising objectives. There are 11 Facebook Advertising Objectives within the Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads Jerome Lewis Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Philadelphia Facebook Ads

The Facebook Campaign Advertising objectives are as followed: 

  1. Awareness
    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Reach
  2. Consideration
    1. Traffic
    2. Engagement
    3. App Installs
    4. Video Views
    5. Lead generation
    6. Messages
  3. Conversion
    1. Conversion
    2. Catalog Sales
    3. Store Traffic

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads Jerome Lewis Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Philadelphia Facebook Ad Objectives

Each of these Facebook Advertising Categories allows you to focus on its own specific objectives. Which are self-explanatory. 

  • Are you looking to increase your brand’s awareness? Click the brand awareness option.  
  • Are you looking to generate leads for your business? Click the lead generation option.  
  • Are you looking to get video views for a specific campaign or video? Click the video views option. 
  • Are you looking to have people message you about your business or page? Click the messages option. 
  • Are you looking to get more traffic to your store? Click the store traffic option. 

Just this alone should encourage you to utilize the Facebook ad manager more than you use the Facebook Boost option.

Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook Ads Manager is where you create and modify your Facebook Ads. It can be tricky navigating to the Facebook Ads Manager but a simple Google Search could also you get pointed in the right direction. 

Facebook Boosting vs. Facebook Ads Jerome Lewis Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Philadelphia

It is important to set up your Facebook ad manager and to set it up correctly.  this way you can begin to take advantage of the Facebook Ads platform.

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