How Using A Chatbot Online Can Automate Things In Your Business So You Can Make Money

In this article you will learn the possibilities of using an online chatbot to automate parts of your business and life so you can focus on more important things such as decision making, how to make money, increasing profits, eliminating stress, and more. 


I use chatbots in my real estate business and this implementation has made my life much easier. I'll even show you a Facebook chatbot example towards the end of the article.


Let's dive into the topic.


What is a chatbot? 

Before we address Facebook Chatbot specifically, let's talk about chatbots that are independent of Facebook. This way, we have an overall understanding of just how chatbots work.


Chatbots are computer software that simulates conversations with a user. Think about it this way “chatting with a robot.” The term comes from exactly that phrase. 


Even if you are unaware of exactly what a chatbot is exactly, you have likely had some kind of interaction with one if you live in the 21st Century. 


What is a Chatbot used for?

Personally, I like to consider my chatbot an assistant to my business and other tasks within my life including chatbot marketing. But that's just me. 


Chatbots can be and are used for a variety of reasons and different purposes. You will see chatbots being used online for customer service, you will see chatbots being used to collect payments, you will see them being used to supplying information, send links to help pages, etc. 


The potential of chatbots chatbot marketing is unlimited. 


How Chatbots Work

Chatbots take input from a user and since back a response. According to CXToday,  there are three fundamental classifications for chatbots. 

  • Pattern-matching
  • Algorithms
  • And artificial neural networks

This can sound very confusing and it is not necessary to understand exactly what exactly these terms mean. 


To simplify,  think about chatbots as “if this, then that.” 

  • “If this happens, do this” 
  • “If you see the word help, share this link”
  • If you see the number 3, suggest this article
  • If the user tells your their first name, send it to a spreadsheet
  • If the user does not input a phone number, request their phone number. 


These are just some quick scenarios of how a chatbot works.  At the fundamental level, despite how complex a chatbot may seem, it’s just logic. They are just “micro-conversations.”

“If this happens, do that.” is the most simple way to put it. 


How much does a chatbot cost? 


Chatbots range in price. It can be hard to determine exactly how much a chatbot can cost. Some chatbots are free, while others could cost thousands. The pricing of a chatbot will rise depending upon the complexity that is needed within it. 


Some require a 1-time payment. Others require a subscription. And finally, some require a combination of the two. 


There are many chatbots available online but here is my favorite chatbot so far. If you register for their webinar, you can get an even more detailed demonstration and see some real-world use cases of chatbots in the online atmosphere.


How a chatbot is created?


If you want to know how Facebook chatbots are created,  this is a bit of a complicated process. However, again, to simplify, think in terms of “if this, do that” as we did in the previous section above. 


Creating a chatbot requires computer programming and logic. I am a huge proponent of not reinventing the wheel. So for most people and most users, I suggest that you not try to create a chatbot.


Instead, I encourage you to find a chatbot program that has already been created and modify and update it accordingly. 

Again my suggestion is the one here and this link. 


Best Chatbot? Which chatbot is best?

What is the best chatbot? This answer will vary depending upon your needs and requests. Chatbots can be complex or they can be simple. If you need a simple chatbot, something complicated may not be the best chatbot for you. 


Similarly, if you need a complex chatbot, a simple chatbot might not be the best chatbot for you. The bottom line regarding the “best chatbot” is that there is no “best.” Best is subjective and each business or individual will have different experiences. 


I have suggested my best chatbot recommendation twice, however, some users will not need or want the level of sophistication that chatbot has. 


Chatbot Example (Facebook Messenger Chatbot)

The chatbot I have suggested is a Facebook Messenger chatbot. I like Facebook Messenger chatbots because they are integrated with Facebook and they can pull data directly from it.  they are highly effective because Facebook has a ton of information on users already.  


Watch the video below to see a Facebook Messenger chatbot in action.  This was my very first Facebook Messenger chatbot. This was a chatbot I purchased and used for my real estate business. This is a great chatbot example and use-cast scenario.


How To Get A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

If you have read to the end of this blog and you are interested in purchasing your own chatbot, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to be exact — feel free to check out the webinar linked below.


This is a webinar but I promise if you sit through it, you will understand how important chatbots are and how they will help automate parts of your business so you can make more money. 


>>>Click here for the chatbot webinar<<<


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